Recap of Aplys1a Lab Field Trip

Phillip Gillette, our speaker for August 2019, offered our members a tour of the Aplysia Marine Lab at Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science on Virginia Key, Miami. So, on November 10, about 14 members of our club went to the National resource for Aplysia Lab. This lab is the only one in the country to raise Aplysia californica from egg to adult. They keep stringent records and know lines of ancestors. Since the Aplysia hatches to a veliger, raising them is extremely labor intensive. The water needs to be kept clean, the animals need to be fed daily and the veligers need constant turning so as not to settle prematurely. 

Aplysia californica is an extremely important animal for neuro research. The ganglia are the largest in the animal kingdom and scientists can work with them easier than other animals. 

Phillip gave us a great tour and we are very grateful he gave us this opportunity. 

Before we even got to the time to meet, our members were fossil hunting in the parking lot.




Rosensteil School of Atmospheric and Marine Science Field Trip

We are having a field trip to the Aplysia lab at the Rosensteil School of Atmospheric and Marine Science. The Date is November 10 and you can sign up at the October meeting. Call me at 561-386-5036 or e-mail me at Put field trip in the subject line. There is no charge for this field trip, but you must get there on your own. We will meet at the gates of RSMAS at 9:45 a.m. You will be asked to sign a hold harmless waiver before entry.

We have been to this facility before and our August speaker Phillip Gillette has kindly offered to allow us to visit the lab. You will see how the Aplysia are kept and he may even allow you to gently hold one. We’ll see on that one. Last time we went to the lab we gathered at a nearby restaurant for lunch and then went shelling. So, a nice day is planned.

This is a limited person trip and only 20 members will be allowed to go, so sign up or call soon.


It is time for our annual trip to the Sanibel Shell Show! The date we plan on going is Saturday, March 3rd. More details will be available in the upcoming February issue of the “Busycon”. But what I need from you right now is to have you give me a “yea” or “nay” as to the club renting a full size bus. We need about 50 to keep the cost at about $25 per person. The trip is a one day event where we will take in the show, have a great lunch at the Island Cow and either stop at a shell shop or a location off island to do some shelling. With the large bus that will be the option for collecting as all shelling locations on Sanibel cannot accommodate large vehicles. However, I am planning the trip to Marco Island in early May where we will be taken to either Tice Island or Keewayden / North End of Tiger Tail Beach All these locations are only accessible by charter boat. That way we can all get our shelling “fix” then!


Our next, and very highly anticipated trip will be to the fossil pits in Ft. Myers. The date is Saturday, February 25th, 2017 and you must be at the staging area by 8:30 AM. The cost is $25 per person, and the trip is limited to 20 participants only. Due to legal restrictions we cannot give you the information as to where the fossil pit is, nor the staging area. All of that will be supplied to those who are attending.

Cash is fine and checks are to be made out to Gary Schmelz. After the outing we will meet at the Country Roads Café for a wonderful lunch of your choice….. and there will be “contests and prizes”.

Again, an information packet will be given to the attendees. For reservations contact Richard Sedlak at / 954-296-5633 and there will be a sign-up sheet at the January meeting. I might remind everyone that there are only 7 spots left.

Our next outing will be to the Sanibel Shell Show on Saturday, March 4th and for this the club will rent a van so everyone can arrive at once. There is room for a maximum of 12, but if there is enough interest we will rent a second van. The cost for the trip is $30 per person with the only other expense being the $5 “donation” for the show plus whatever you want for lunch.

We will leave at 7:30 AM from the Coral Ridge Mall parking lot, the side facing US 1, at the base of the AMC Theatre sign. The location is very secure and the Target security carts patrol until after 10 PM. We should return by about 9 PM.
Upon arrival to Sanibel we will go directly to the show, followed by lunch at the popular Island Cow located right next door. We can then go back to the show for a while and then go to one of the local beaches for some shelling and if there is time stop at one of the shell shops. On the way home (we leave Sanibel about 6 PM) we will have a special “refreshment” stop.

The only thing I have to mention is that if you commit to the trip you must pay up front, and unless you are in the hospital “gasping for breath” there are no refunds. This trip has to pay for itself. But come along….you won’t regret it.


Another field trip… yeah!

This time we will be going to Harry Harris Park in Tavernier (just south of Key Largo). The date will be Sunday, October 23rd and the low tide is a 0.7 at 9:50 AM. Now this is mainly a wading/snorkeling type of venue as except for the rocky breakwater there is not really a beach per se….but the goodies you can nd in the coral rubble and sandy eel grass beds makes it worthwhile. I will have a sign-up sheet at the September and October meetings and will have more details then such as how to get to the park and such. Also, I will need your feedback on one item: Lunch.

Does everyone want to go to a local restaurant (most are very casual in their dress code) or bring a picnic lunch? And who knows…..we just might have some trophies for various shell categories! In the meantime feel free to contact me, Richard Sedlak at 954-296- 5633 /

I also want to give credit again to Gina (J.J.) Dotson for supplying the photos on our club trip to Peanut Island. They were most appreciated! More info about our great trip to Peanut Island next issue.

I am happy to mention that those of us who went to the “Lunch and a Movie” outing last month enjoyed a wonderful showing of “Our National Parks” at the IMAX and then a superb lunch at the Tarpon Bend restaurant. A great way to beat the summer heat! Join us next time!


March 7th will be the date for our annual trip over to see the Sanibel Shell Show. This show is highly recommended as its forte is incredible shell craft, the likes of which you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else……but there are incredible scientific exhibits as well.

We will gather at 8:30 AM next to the AMC Theater sign in the Coral Ridge Mall parking lot, located at the corner of Oakland Park Blvd. and US 1 / Federal Highway. The club will be renting a van…..and if we have enough interest we will do two vans. We will then head over to the Sanibel show, have lunch afterwards (more than likely at the Island Cow) then take in some of the shell shops. If there is time we will stop for some shelling, although it is usually not so great that time of year. We will return about 9:30 PM. The cost will be $35 per person and is payable at the time you sign up, or within 7 days. A sign-up sheet will be available at the February meeting. PLEASE NOTE: There will be no refunds if you have to cancel, so please make sure that you do plan to go when you sign up.

Richard Sedlak 954-296-5633 /



It is the summer doldrums so we will do a pick-me-up-from-the-heat by having a “Lunch and a Movie” outing on Saturday, August 16th. We will have lunch at the Tarpon Bend restaurant either before or after the movie (y’alls choice) which is a special showing of “Journey to the South Pacific” at the Museum of Discovery and Science in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The cost for lunch will be determined by whatever you order and the movie charge is $14.00 per person (including senior). Call Richard at 954-296-5633 or email him at for more information



Coral Cove, October 19th, 2013, starting at 9:30 AMThe park is located at 1600 Beach Road, Tequesta (Jupiter area). Please call Richard Sedlak at 954-296-5633 / email if you plan to attend…..or sign up at the September / October meetings.

Plan on bringing your own picnic lunch (remember that there are picnic tables, restrooms, and showers) and plenty of water and sunscreen. There is good snorkeling but NO LIVE SHELL COLLECTING – dead shells only. Drive time form Pompano is about 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Coming from the south using I-95: go north on I-95, take Jupiter exit 87A (Indiantown Road), continue east on Indiantown Road to US 1. Turn north (left) on US 1 to Jupiter inlet. Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn right on South Beach Road (CR707). Drive about a mile and a half and look for the park sign on right. Parking is free.

The sign-up sheet will be at the September and October meetings. We already have quite a group going so don’t miss out on the fun!


A number of our new members are very much interested in doing some good-old- fashioned shelling and we have just the
place for it. Coral Cove Park is just to the south of Blowing Rocks Preserve where we have had trips before but is MUCH easier to get to. Plus there are picnic tables, rest room facilities and such which are lacking at Blowing Rocks. I am planning the date of Sunday, May 19th for this trip. Plan on bringing your own picnic lunch and plenty of water and sunscreen. There is good snorkeling but NO LIVE SHELL COLLECTING – dead shells only. Drive time from Pompano is about 1hour, 20 minutes. We will meet at 9:30 but if you get there early or late, no problem….go ahead and hit the beach. Coming from the south using I-95: go north on I-95, take Jupiter exit 87A (Indiantown Road), continue east on Indiantown Road to US 1. Turn north (left) on US 1 to Jupiter inlet. Immediately after crossing the bridge turn right on S. Beach Road (CR707). Drive 2 miles and look for sign on right. Richard Sedlak 954-296- 5633 / There will be a sign-up sheet at the May meeting ENTRANCE: 1600 Beach Road, Tequesta, Florida 33469 HOURS: Sunrise – Sunset ACREAGE: 14.64 acres AMENITIES  beach frontage, guarded (600 feet) o play structure (ages 5-12 years) saltwater fishing and surfing not permitted in guarded swimming areas • fishing (saltwater) • intracoastal waterway frontage (600 feet) • parking • picnic areas with grills • restroom facilities • showers, outdoor


WHAT: A trip to Gainesville to see behind the scenes in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology. The second largest collection in the United States is housed here. We will meet with John Slapcinsky and tour the section. Later we will go behind the scenes of the Paleontology section. A trip to the Forida State Museum and their exhibits, for a slight extra fee, you can tour their Butterfly Garden.
WHERE: The weekend of July 27, 28 and 29. Leave Friday night, come back Sunday.
WHEN: Stay at the Paradise Motel on Hwy 441, just 1 1/2 miles from the Museum. The rates are really excellent, less than $50 per night, rooms with 2 queen beds. Lounge and Restaurant in the motel. Swimming Pool, balcony for poolside rooms. Poolside is a little extra. I will have a menu from the Restaurant at the next meeting.
Plans are a little sketchy as it will depend on who wants to go and what the majority want to do. Here is the bare bones:
Leave Friday July 27, meet or carpool or rent a van, depending on the majorities wishes. Stay at the Paramount Plaza Motel, which is about 11/2 mile S. of the turnoff to the Museum collections on 441. There is an ad in the Florida Roomsaver magazine for one King or 2 double beds room at $42.99 per night, plus taxes etc. That is still pretty reasonable. Plus there might be an even better rate as it is off season.
I have never stayed there, but they let me look at one of the rooms and it is very nice. Saturday morning go to the collections Department for a tour. Depending on the timing, we will go to lunch. Also we should have time to either go to the fossil collections department or to the actual public museum with butterfly gardens. Sunday we will possibly do again, either the fossil collections or the museum, whichever we did not do the day before. Depending on the time we can either leave for home or try to go to Blue Springs or Ginnie Springs for a short while. Again, it is up to the participants to determine.
The variable factors are: how many people want to go by themselves or want to chip in and rent a car. Let me know at the next meeting if you wish to go.
Carole Marshall