Another field trip… yeah!

This time we will be going to Harry Harris Park in Tavernier (just south of Key Largo). The date will be Sunday, October 23rd and the low tide is a 0.7 at 9:50 AM. Now this is mainly a wading/snorkeling type of venue as except for the rocky breakwater there is not really a beach per se….but the goodies you can nd in the coral rubble and sandy eel grass beds makes it worthwhile. I will have a sign-up sheet at the September and October meetings and will have more details then such as how to get to the park and such. Also, I will need your feedback on one item: Lunch.

Does everyone want to go to a local restaurant (most are very casual in their dress code) or bring a picnic lunch? And who knows…..we just might have some trophies for various shell categories! In the meantime feel free to contact me, Richard Sedlak at 954-296- 5633 / sedlaki1@comcast.net.

I also want to give credit again to Gina (J.J.) Dotson for supplying the photos on our club trip to Peanut Island. They were most appreciated! More info about our great trip to Peanut Island next issue.

I am happy to mention that those of us who went to the “Lunch and a Movie” outing last month enjoyed a wonderful showing of “Our National Parks” at the IMAX and then a superb lunch at the Tarpon Bend restaurant. A great way to beat the summer heat! Join us next time!