WHAT: A trip to Gainesville to see behind the scenes in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology. The second largest collection in the United States is housed here. We will meet with John Slapcinsky and tour the section. Later we will go behind the scenes of the Paleontology section. A trip to the Forida State Museum and their exhibits, for a slight extra fee, you can tour their Butterfly Garden.
WHERE: The weekend of July 27, 28 and 29. Leave Friday night, come back Sunday.
WHEN: Stay at the Paradise Motel on Hwy 441, just 1 1/2 miles from the Museum. The rates are really excellent, less than $50 per night, rooms with 2 queen beds. Lounge and Restaurant in the motel. Swimming Pool, balcony for poolside rooms. Poolside is a little extra. I will have a menu from the Restaurant at the next meeting.
Plans are a little sketchy as it will depend on who wants to go and what the majority want to do. Here is the bare bones:
Leave Friday July 27, meet or carpool or rent a van, depending on the majorities wishes. Stay at the Paramount Plaza Motel, which is about 11/2 mile S. of the turnoff to the Museum collections on 441. There is an ad in the Florida Roomsaver magazine for one King or 2 double beds room at $42.99 per night, plus taxes etc. That is still pretty reasonable. Plus there might be an even better rate as it is off season.
I have never stayed there, but they let me look at one of the rooms and it is very nice. Saturday morning go to the collections Department for a tour. Depending on the timing, we will go to lunch. Also we should have time to either go to the fossil collections department or to the actual public museum with butterfly gardens. Sunday we will possibly do again, either the fossil collections or the museum, whichever we did not do the day before. Depending on the time we can either leave for home or try to go to Blue Springs or Ginnie Springs for a short while. Again, it is up to the participants to determine.
The variable factors are: how many people want to go by themselves or want to chip in and rent a car. Let me know at the next meeting if you wish to go.
Carole Marshall