Recap of Aplys1a Lab Field Trip

Phillip Gillette, our speaker for August 2019, offered our members a tour of the Aplysia Marine Lab at Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science on Virginia Key, Miami. So, on November 10, about 14 members of our club went to the National resource for Aplysia Lab. This lab is the only one in the country to raise Aplysia californica from egg to adult. They keep stringent records and know lines of ancestors. Since the Aplysia hatches to a veliger, raising them is extremely labor intensive. The water needs to be kept clean, the animals need to be fed daily and the veligers need constant turning so as not to settle prematurely. 

Aplysia californica is an extremely important animal for neuro research. The ganglia are the largest in the animal kingdom and scientists can work with them easier than other animals. 

Phillip gave us a great tour and we are very grateful he gave us this opportunity. 

Before we even got to the time to meet, our members were fossil hunting in the parking lot.