Rosensteil School of Atmospheric and Marine Science Field Trip

We are having a field trip to the Aplysia lab at the Rosensteil School of Atmospheric and Marine Science. The Date is November 10 and you can sign up at the October meeting. Call me at 561-386-5036 or e-mail me at Put field trip in the subject line. There is no charge for this field trip, but you must get there on your own. We will meet at the gates of RSMAS at 9:45 a.m. You will be asked to sign a hold harmless waiver before entry.

We have been to this facility before and our August speaker Phillip Gillette has kindly offered to allow us to visit the lab. You will see how the Aplysia are kept and he may even allow you to gently hold one. We’ll see on that one. Last time we went to the lab we gathered at a nearby restaurant for lunch and then went shelling. So, a nice day is planned.

This is a limited person trip and only 20 members will be allowed to go, so sign up or call soon.