ZOOM Programs for September

ZOOM Programs for September

September has always been an iffy month for a Shell Club meeting. Usually it is hurricanes, this year it is COVID.  I try to schedule our ever popular show and tell for September and we will try to do that in our ZOOM meeting for this September.  So dust off an old shelling story or two and prepare to share it with the group.

IF, for some reason, we do not have enough show and tell stories, I have prepared a short program on Coins and Cephalopods. Most of you know I collect shells on coins, paper money and exonumia.  Since 1999, they have become very important to me. I have money with mollusk motifs from about 145 different countries. For this program, I will only focus on the money with an Octopus, Squid, Nautilus or Cuttlefish.

I hope you get to tune in and we get to see your smiling faces again. Perhaps we can have another real meeting soon.

Carole Marshall

August Club Program

Phillip Gillette, Aplysia

Our program for August is returning Phillip Gillette. He is the resource manager at the University of Miami’s Aplysia Resource Facility. He is originally from Central Florida. He writes, “ I went to the University of Miami for my undergrad degree, graduated in 2004 with a double major BS in Marine Science and Biology.  During undergrad, I interned one year at Harbor Branch working on Queen Conch and Florida fighting conch aquaculture, which got me interested in invertebrate aquaculture.  After graduating, I took a job in the late summer of 2004 at the UM Aplysia Resource Facility (where I’ve worked ever since) as a larval culture technician.  While working, I completed my Master’s in Marine Biology (from UM) in 2012.  My research interests include invertebrate culture, larval culture, coral husbandry, coral reef ecology.

I became interested in Marine Science as a child because of shells actually.  My grandfather was in the Navy, and as a result my dad spent 4 years living in Guam as a teen, and he amassed an impressive shell collection.  I used to make him spend hours in the garage going over all of his shells, identifying them, telling me the stories of how he found them.  We would spend a week every summer in the Keys, snorkeling and shelling, and that fueled my interest.  I have a modest shell collection of my own, with my favorite group being cowries”.

Phillip will be telling us about the work that is being done at the UM facility, the importance of Aplysia californica, the mollusk being studied and used and how important it is to medical research. We will also discuss another possible field trip to the research facility. The club was invited to tour the facility a few years ago and it was a big hit with

July Program

Caitlin Shea-Vantine is a second year Masters student working under Dr. Stephen Kajiura at Florida Atlantic University on the Boca Raton campus. Caitlin attended undergrad at St. Michael’s College in Colchester, VT and previously held positions at the University of Georgia Aquarium in Savannah, GA and the Northeastern Marine Science Center (Nahant, MA). She is very passionate about conservation and getting young girls interested in STEM.

Caitlin will be talking about the Stingray’s in our Waters. She will give an overview of they types of Stingrays to be found here, how they use their defense system and how dangerous they are to humans. Caitlin works with Stephen Kajiura, the shark expert at FAU and the photo is of her helping tag a shark to then monitor where it goes.

April Program

TTitle for my presentation: Bivalves; in Sickness and in Health
The talk introduces principles of molluscan pathology, the factors causing pathological changes in mollusks and the different categories of disease.


Dr. Inke Sunila accomplished her Ph.D. Thesis in Physiological Zoology at the University of Helsinki in Finland in 1987. She lived at the Tvärminne Zoological Station in the northern Baltic archipelago for several years, sampling blue mussels in the field, studying their pathology and exposing mussels to environmental pollutants in the laboratory. She continued her research on bivalve diseases at the Cooperative Oxford Laboratory in Maryland. After that she accepted a position as a post-doc research scientist at George Washington University Medical Center, Department of Pathology in an AIDS research group.
For 20 years Dr. Sunila worked for the State of Connecticut, Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Aquaculture in Milford, CT as the State Shellfish Pathologist/Environmental Laboratory Director. She monitored and managed CT’s bivalves for different shellfish diseases, developed disease-resistant strains and performed health certifications for imported seed. From 2000-2003 she was also Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut, College of Agriculture, Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Sciences.
After retiring from State service, Dr. Sunila relocated in Lake Worth, Florida, to continue research on southern marine ecosystems. Dr. Sunila is known as a scientist who doesn’t hesitate to get her hands dirty and knows how to retrieve samples from the sea. She is involved in several grant-funded bivalve research programs, has numerous publications and has taught several students from different universities from all over the world.

February Program

Our Program for February is Dr. Thomas Annesley,

Thomas Annesley is “Active Professor Emeritus” at the University of Michigan and Deputy Editor of the journal Clinical Chemistry. He has always had an interest in oceanography and spent summers in California, where his uncle dropped Tom off at the coastal tidepools on his way to work and the picked Tom up on his way home.

Tom has been listed in Who’s Who in Medicine Academia, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, and Who’s Who in America. He has published more than 200 articles and presented more than 175 invited lectures in 10 countries.

At the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum Tom does public lectures, beach walks and the live tank talks. He is also President of the Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club.

The title of his talk is “Cone Snails, Tennis Rackets, Pain Medications, and the Broward Shell Show”

Tom’s presentation will focus on scientific discoveries involving cone snails and their toxins. But as with many advances in science, there are elements of luck, happenstance, intrigue, mistakes, and creating lemonade out of lemons that contribute to the story. Dr. Annesley will show us how the supposedly unrelated topics of tennis, pain medications, and even the Broward Shell Show fit into the story of cone snails.


Dr. Edward Petuch, has donated many books from his library to the Broward Shell Club. Ed recently retired from Florida Atlantic University, where he was a professor of Geology in the Department of Geosciences. Being the vibrant speaker Ed is, his students will miss him. While I was picking up the books, one of his former students told me the department will not be the same without him.

Long known by many of the members of the Broward Shell Club, since he was a graduate student at the University of Miami, Ed has named over 1200 species of Recent and Fossil mollusks and written 17 books. Ed has had a close relationship to many of our club members, naming many species of shells for both Alice and Bob Pace, Kevan and Linda Sunderland, Lynda Zylman and myself including others.

Many thanks to Ed for his generous donation to our club. Some are already ready for check out in our library.

Submitted by Carol Marshall20161031_134433


OxnoeantillarumshellcollageAnneDSCN60412webThe Subject of our April Program will be: “Shelled Opisthobranchs” presented by Anne DuPont.
Anne’s Presentation will cover some of the Opisthobranch snails that still possess a shell:
bubble snails, sea hares, solar-powered slugs, side-gill slugs and the umbrella slug.
The program includes her underwater photos of these sea slugs, along with photos of the internal shells.
Also included will be underwater photos of a few “Non-shelled Opisthobranchs – Nudibranchs”
The Program covers Opisthobranchs from Florida waters and the Caribbean.

Anne DuPont is an Underwater Photographer specializing in opisthobranchs.
She is one of the co-authors of “Caribbean Sea Slugs, A field guide to the opisthobranch mollusks from the tropical northwestern Atlantic.”
Her photos have been published in numerous books, magazines, and educational DVDs.

She is a volunteer with the Florida Natural History Museum and a Museum Associate in Malacology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

She has been diving in the Lake Worth Lagoon for over 20 years, and is very knowledgeable on underwater life found there. She is on the Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative Speakers Bureau speaking on the Marine Life Found in the Lagoon”



Tuesday, March 8, 2016
At the Pompano Beach Emma Lou Olson Civic Center

Auction Preview 6:15 p.m. Bidding Begins Promptly at 6:45 p.m.

NOTE: Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be viewed on the club’s website

  1. Busycon perversum sinistrum w/data, Our Club shell! A BIG beauty! Goodland, FL, Opening bid $40.00
  2. Tonna lischkeana w/basic data, Taiwan
  3. Conus litteratus w/basic data, great color & pattern! 105.5 mm, Indo-Pacific
  4. Conus aulicus w/data, Philippines
  5. Conus episcopatus w/data, Philippines
  6. Conus striatus w/data, Philippines
  7. Conus fergusoni w/data, w/operculum, & w/periostracum, Ecuador
  8. Tutufa bufo w/data & operculum, Philippines
  9. Tutufa bubo w/data Philippines
  10. Struthiolaria papulosa w/data New Zealand

11. Three species of Siphonalia, 6 shells total

S. trochulus w/data, Japan
S. cassidariaeformis w/data, Japan
S. cassidariaeformis forma funerea w/data, Japan

12. Babylonia spirata 3 specimens w/data, India
13. Babylonia japonica 2 specimens w/data, 1 w/periostracum & operc, Japan
14. Bolma tayloriana w/data & operculum, South Africa, Opening bid $15.00
15. Cypraea cervus w/data, Florida Keys
16. Set of 12 shell design lace valances, new in packages, Opening bid $10.00
17. Set of 8 shell design paper napkins in shell design gift bag, Opening bid $8.00 18. Box of shell design notecards & address book
19. Shell Puzzle, new in box, Opening bid $5.00
20. Men’s IST Pro-Line Dive Skin Size XXL, never worn, Opening bid $5.00
21. Glass Vase filled with shells valued at over $150.00, Opening bid $30.00
22. Glass Vase filled with shells valued at over $150.00, Opening bid $30.00
23. Turbinella angulatum w/data, w/operculum & periostracum, Bimini, Bahamas 24. Cassis simigranosum w/data, South Australia
25. Xenogalea inornata w/data, Japan
26. Galeodea echinophora w/data, Italy
27. Casmaria erinaceus 2 forms, smooth & wrinkled, w/basic data, Philippines 28. Phalium granulatum 2 specimens, w/data, Pompano Beach, FL
29. Galeodea rugosa w/data, Western Europe
30. Harpa major forma conoidalis w/data, Australia

31. Harpa major w/data, Zanzibar, East Africa
32. Harpa crenata 3 specimen growth series, w/data, West Mexico 33. Harpa amouretta 2 specimens w/data, Philippines
34. Harpa cabriti w/data, Mozambique, Africa
35. Harpa articularis w/data, Philippines

  1. 2 Books: Checklist of Living Cypraeida by Lorenz & Hubert, and

    Shell Catalogue 1984, Published by Gov’t of Papua and New Guinea

  2. Book: Systematics of the Families Mitridae & Volutomitridae by Cernohorsky
  3. Book: The Mitridae of Fiji by Cernohorsky
  4. Pecten fumatus 2 specimens w/data, Western Australia
  5. Pecten maximus w/data, France
  6. Pecten novazelandiae w/data, New Zealand
  7. Pecten jacobaeus w/data, Spain
  8. Mirapecten rastellum 2 specimens, w/data
  9. Argopecten ventricosus w/data, West Mexico
  10. Amusium pleuronestes w/basic data, South Pacific
  11. Amphidromis furcillatus 2 specimens w/data, Sumatra
  12. 3 Species of “Shelly Operculated Land Snails” (2 of each species) Annularia

    candeana, Tudora aurantia, & Opisthosiphon bahamiense, all w/data, Cuba,

    Bonaire & Bahamas

  13. Ten Species of Bivalves collected at Crandon Beach on Key Biscayne, FL
  14. 3 Species of Shells from the Dominican Republic Strombus pugilis, Astraea

    phoebium & Chicoreus pomum, all with data

  15. 3 Species of World Wide Cerithium: Pseudovertagus aluco w/data, Philippines

    Cerithium vulgatum w/data, West Africa, & Rhinoclavis fasciata w/data,


  16. Astraea caelatum 6 specimen growth series w/data, Bahamas
  17. Book: Fabulous Florida Fossil Shells by Gary Schmelz, new, autographed copy!
  18. Books: Johnsonia – Monographs of Western Atlantic Mollusks

    Volume I and Volume II; Volume II is autographed by William Clench

  19. Book: Shells of New Guinea and the Central Indo-Pacific by Alan Hinton
  20. Book: The Art of Shellcraft by Paula Critchly
  21. Book: Caribbean Seashells by Warmke and Abbott
  22. Book: Conchs, Tibias and Harps by Jerry Walls
  23. 24 Issues of American Conchologist
  24. 6 pairs of women’s shell design socks, in decorative storage box! Too cute!
  25. Gift bag of Coral & Shell design soap, glass soap dish and notecards.
  26. Snorkel, Brand New!
  27. Shell Design wheeled tote bag
  28. Ceramic fish decorative item, adorable!

*64. Liguus fasciatus f. dohertyi Topotype! w/data, Florida Keys

  1. Liguus virgineus 3 specimens w/data, unusual color form
  2. Liguus fasciatus f. barbouri 5 specimens/5 locations, w/data, Florida Everglades
  3. Liguus fasciatus 20 different color forms, w/data Florida
  4. Murex axicornis 3 specimens w/data, Philippines

*69. Chicoreus beauii 2 specimens w/data, Florida

70. Poirieria nuttingi 2 specimens w/data, Florida *71. Pteropurpura bequaerti w/data, Florida

  1. Liomesus c.f. dalei w/data, Norway
  2. Neptunea antique w/data, Scotland
  3. Colus c.f. gracilis w/data, England

*75. Argonauta argo w/data, Dania Beach, Florida

  1. 7 species of Florida/Caribbean Trivia
  2. Solemya australis w/data, Australia
  3. 10 World-wide species of Acmaea
  4. Polished Shells, 7 different species
  5. Conus vexillum w/data, Philippines
  6. Conus granarium 2 specimens w/data, Columbia
  7. Conus inscriptus w/data, India

83 Conus samiae w/data, Philippines

  1. Conus purpurascens 2 specimens, w/data, Costa Rica
  2. Conus centurio w/data, Columbia

86 Conus magus w/data Philippines

  1. Conus figulinus 2 specimens w/data, Solomon Islands
  2. 2 Mexican Olives: Oliva incrassata 3 specimens w/data, West Mexico &

    Oliva polpasta 2 specimens w/data, West Mexico

  3. Oliva miniacea w/data, Philippines
  4. Oliva annulata 4 color forms w/data, Philippines
  5. Oliva carneola 3 color forms, 7 specimens w/data, Philippines
  6. 10 World-wide species of limpets! All w/data

93 Serpolorbis c.f. sipho 2 specimens w/data 94. Cymatium hepaticum 2 specimens w/data

*95. Timbellus phyllopterus w/data, Guadeloupe, French West Indies, Opening bid $100.00

  1. Agaronia propatula 2 specimens w/data, Costa Rica
  2. Neptunea heros w/data, Alaska
  3. Buccinum zelotes w/data, Japan
  4. Buccinum undatum, 2 specimens w/data, Rhode Island
  5. 4 species/3 genera/7 specimens of allied Buccinids, all w/data
  6. Framed Shell Art
  7. Shell Print Tote Bag, new in bag
  8. Matted photograph of Flamingos
  9. Print of Magnolia flower watercolor painting
  10. Original painting of Emoda sagriana, a purple & green landsnail, by Joseph

    Regan, Beautiful! Opening bid $50.00

  11. Cypraecassis testiculus w/data, Guadeloupe French West Indies
  12. Pugilina morio w/operculum & periostracum, w/data, Guadeloupe,

    French West Indies

  13. Fasciolaria tulipa w/data, Guadeloupe, French West Indies, unusual orange

    color and inflated form, Nice Shell!

  14. Umbraculum umbraculum w/basic data, Columbia, Beautiful Specimen!
  15. Murex akritos w/data, Queensland, Australia

111. Boreotrophon beringi w/data, Japan 112. Jaton decussatus w/data, Senegal 113. Latiaxis diadema w/data, Philippines 114. Latiaxis bernardi w/data, Africa 115. Favartia pelepili w/data, Philippines 116. Latiaxis benoiti w/data, Spain

117. Columbarium natalense w/data, South Africa
118. Bag of assorted shells for shell arts & crafts
119. Collection of 7 small species of preserved sea-life…crabs, shrimp & urchin
120. Sea Urchin from Reunion Island Podophora atratus unique & beautiful specimen 121. Women’s Guy Harvey Billfish T-shirt size XL, new & never worn

  1. Book: The American Museum of Natural History Guide to Shells

    by Emerson & Jacobson

  2. Book: Seashells of the World with Values by A. Gordon Melvin
  3. Book: Seashells of Western Europe by Bouchet, Danrigal, & Huyghens
  4. Shell Design Fireplace Matches
  5. Strombus galeatus 3 specimen growth series, with data, West Mexico
  6. Strombus costatus 2 specimens w/ data, Bimini, Bahamas and Marathon, Florida
  7. Strombus gigas 4 specimen growth series, w/data, San Blas Islands, Panama
  8. Polinices lewisi 3 specimens w/data, Oregon
  9. Triplofusus giganteus w/data, Large & Beautiful specimen of Florida’s State

    Shell! Marathon, Florida Keys

  10. Haliotis sorenseni w/data, Mexico
  11. Haliotis kamtschatkana assimilis w/data, Mexico
  12. Haliotis cracherodii w/data, Mexico
  13. Haliotis fulgens w/data, Mexico
  14. Tutufa bufo 2 specimens, w/data, Philippines
  15. Tutufa rubeta w/basic data, Indo-Pacific
  16. Busycon coarctatum w/data, East Mexico
  17. Buccinum c.f. undatum 2 specimens w/data, elongated spires! Denmark
  18. Buccinum zelotes w/data, Japan
  19. Neptunea heros w/data, Alaska
  20. Buccinum striatissimum w/data, Japan
  21. Buccinum undatum 3 specimens w/data, color variations, Maine

143 Neptunea antique w/data, Scotland

  1. 4 different boxes of shell soaps, plus shell design nail stickers, in shell design

    gift/storage box!

  2. Book: Sea Treasure, a Guide to Shell Collecting by K.Y. Johnstone
  3. Book: Collecting Seashells by K.Y. Johnstone
  4. Books: Seashells of the World by Golden, How to Clean Seashells by E. Bergeron
  5. Publications: Sea Frontiers & Sea Secrets & The Seaside Trail
  6. Publications: Shell Collector, issues 1 & 2
  7. 2 Species of Boring Clams: Parapholas californica 2 specimens w/data,

    California & Penitella penita w/data, California

  8. Conus betulinus 2 different color forms w/data, Philippines & Mauritius
  9. Stombus raninus w/data, Key Biscayne, collected by the late Corinne Edwards
  1. 4 species of Tonna: Tonna galea, Tonna lischkeana, Tonna pennata, & Tonna variegata, all w/data
  2. Oliva porphyria w/basic data, 100 mm!! Gulf of California
  3. 3 color forms of Oliva reticulata, 7 shells total, w/data
  4. Oliva irisans 2 color forms w/data, Philippines
  5. Oliva tricolor 2 color forms, all w/data, 5 shells total, Philippines
  6. Cypraea tigris 2 color forms w/data, Philippines
  7. Cypraea mauritiana w/data, Hawaii
  8. Cypraea cinerea 2 large specimens w/data, Florida
  9. Cypraea obveleta 2 dwarf, heavily calloused specimens w/data, Huahine,


  10. Marginella glabella 2 specimens w/data, Africa
  11. Ellobium aurismidae 2 specimens w/basic data, SW Pacific
  12. Harpulina aurasiaca 2 specimens w/data, Indian Ocean
  13. Struthiolaria papulosa 2 specimens w/data, New Zealand
  14. Nucella freycineti elongata 2 specimens w/data, Japan
  15. Helicostyla concinna forma virens w/data, Philippines
  16. Epitoneum irregular w/data, Philippines, +/-40 mm!!!

    Previous World Size Record!

  17. Laevicardium elatum w/data, West Mexico
  18. Aequipecten opercularis w/basic data, Belgium
  19. Siratus beauii w/data, Dry Tortugas
  20. Chicoreus orchidifloris w/data, Philippines
  21. Murex kiiensis w/data, Philippines
  22. Columbarium eastwoodae w/basic data, South Africa
  23. Pterynotus miyokoae w/data, Philippines
  24. Latiaxus pilsbryi w/data Taiwan Strait
  25. Latiaxus mawae w/data Taiwan Strait
  26. Siratus beauii w/data, Dry Tortugas
  27. Homalocantha zamboi w/data, Philippines, large & impressive shell!
  28. Homalocantha secunda w/data, Australia
  29. Astraea helioptropum w/data, New Zealand, 100 mm!
  30. Shell decorated glass vase

183 Ceramic Conch Shell serving dish/planter

  1. Margaret Furlong Heart Cockle ornament, in original box
  2. Cymbiola nobilis, polished
  3. Shell design decorative gift/storage box filled with assortment of shell notecards

    and notepads, Lovely! Opening bid $10.00

  4. Shell Design decorative gift/storage box filled with assortment of shell notecards

    and notepads, Gifts Galore! Opening bid $10.00

  5. Bag of coordinating shell & coral design paper plates, paper placemats, napkins

    & guest towels, Opening bid $20.00

  6. Bag of coordinating shell & coral design paper plates, paper placemats, napkins

    & guest towels, Opening bid $20.00

  7. Tridacna squamosa w/basic data. Everybody’s favorite fluted clam! Peach color.
  8. Chama lazarus w/basic data, Red Sea
  1. Lambis chiragra chiragra w/data, Indonesia
  2. 3 Lambis species: Lambis crocata crocata, Lambis lambis & Lambis millepeda,

    all with data

194 Lambis truncata sebae w/data, Philippines. A BIG boy!

  1. Amoria ellioti w/data, Western Australia
  2. Odontocymbiola magellanica w/data, Argentina
  3. Voluta beckii w/data, Brazil
  4. Melo broderipi w/data, Philippines
  5. Melo amphora w/data, Australia
  6. Livonia mammilla leucostoma w/data, Australia, 265 mm F+

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