Dr. Edward Petuch, has donated many books from his library to the Broward Shell Club. Ed recently retired from Florida Atlantic University, where he was a professor of Geology in the Department of Geosciences. Being the vibrant speaker Ed is, his students will miss him. While I was picking up the books, one of his former students told me the department will not be the same without him.

Long known by many of the members of the Broward Shell Club, since he was a graduate student at the University of Miami, Ed has named over 1200 species of Recent and Fossil mollusks and written 17 books. Ed has had a close relationship to many of our club members, naming many species of shells for both Alice and Bob Pace, Kevan and Linda Sunderland, Lynda Zylman and myself including others.

Many thanks to Ed for his generous donation to our club. Some are already ready for check out in our library.

Submitted by Carol Marshall20161031_134433