ZOOM Programs for September

ZOOM Programs for September

September has always been an iffy month for a Shell Club meeting. Usually it is hurricanes, this year it is COVID.  I try to schedule our ever popular show and tell for September and we will try to do that in our ZOOM meeting for this September.  So dust off an old shelling story or two and prepare to share it with the group.

IF, for some reason, we do not have enough show and tell stories, I have prepared a short program on Coins and Cephalopods. Most of you know I collect shells on coins, paper money and exonumia.  Since 1999, they have become very important to me. I have money with mollusk motifs from about 145 different countries. For this program, I will only focus on the money with an Octopus, Squid, Nautilus or Cuttlefish.

I hope you get to tune in and we get to see your smiling faces again. Perhaps we can have another real meeting soon.

Carole Marshall