Venerupis philippinarum (A. Adams and Reeve 1850)
by divers 10m in muddy bottom
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 2018
Interesting large collection of assorted colors and patterns!
21 specimens size 29-42mm

Venerupis philippinarum (A. Adams and Reeve 1850) is commonly know as the Manilla Clam or Japanese Cockle. The Manilla clam is a popular edible clam and is enjoyed around the world. Originally found on the coasts of the Philippines and India, it has been introduced worldwide and is now one of the important bivalve raised in aquaculture.

It is a burrowing clam, adaptable to various habitats. These specimens were living in shallow waters on a muddy bottom in Viet Nam.

The shell is oval and sculptured with with radiating ribs. What makes philippinarum interesting is that it paints its shell in varying patterns. It is species like this that exhibit such variety that makes shell collecting a fascinating hobby. This fascinating assortment in the raffle is representative of the wide variety of patterns and colors of the shells.

We have no idea if these clams had been consumed first. They were purchased from a dealer in Singapore who stated he obtained them from Vietnamese fishermen. Donated by Richard Kent