Broward Shell Club Board Meeting Minutes
June 18, 2014

The meeting was opened at 7:10 pm by club president Sonny Ogden. Thirteen members were present. Sonny made a motion to nominate Bob Pace to become an “Honorary” club member. She said that Bob’s outstanding service to the shell club over the years warrants this designation. The board voted unanimously to honor Bob with this title.

Scholarships- Tom Ball confirmed the names of three students selected for the $750.00 scholarships for a total of $2,250.00. He will send checks with a cover letter.

Programs- Tom Ball said that the July program will be given by Lucas Jennings, a previous BSC scholarship recipient. He is working on programs for August and September.

Treasurer- Tom Ball said there is $8,900.00 in the club’s checking account. Warehouse storage units are paid.
The BSC Facebook Page- Nancy said that the picture from the June meeting of Bob Janowsky from MDM Shell Books she put on the club’s Facebook page resulted in several new BSC Facebook “friends”. The BSC Group Facebook page now has over 200 friends from around the world.

Field Trips- Nancy Galdo said that Richard Sedlak will schedule a field trip in August for lunch and some shell/ocean related movie. Library- Alice Lustig met Richard Sedlak at the warehouse to get some books in storage and move them to Richard’s house. The books will be kept at Richards climate controlled home until needed for a variety of auctions. Alice went through the books and selected five to add to the club’s library. She will write reviews of the books for the newsletter. She is looking for a new lockable, roll able cabinet for the library books.

Recent Shell Donation- Bob Pace met Sonny at the warehouse to take a few boxes of the shells to take home and go through. He is deciding how to split the shells between the club’s annual auction, the COA auction and the COA silent auction.

COA- Linda Sunderland reminded the board members to keep a detailed list of all COA related donated items for her COA records. Nancy Galdo said plans were coming along. The first “hard deadline”, a three page tri-fold highlighting the plans for our COA, is due June 30th. Nancy confirmed the names of club members going to the 2014 COA convention and will order their t shirts. She said she is working on the video for the 2015 COA which will be shown at the convention in North Carolina. A few club members recently visited the Bonaventure Hotel and reported they liked everything about it. There will be future COA meetings to discuss the status of volunteer activities.

Newsletter- Everyone said the latest newsletter was wonderful.

Membership- The board members said they liked the new club roster. Sonny Ogden mentioned a few minor details to change for any reprints.

Shell Show- Alice Pace said that the shell show judges are finalized. Scientific judges will be Bill Lyons and Randy Allamand. Artistic judges are Sharlene Totten and Shannon Webster. The board voted to increase vendor table prices. Six foot tables will be increased from $120.00 to $130.00 and eight foot tables will increase from $125.00 to $135.00. The group discussed ways to “spruce up” the next show since it will be the club’s 50th shell show anniversary. The show program will include some color pages this year. The board voted to increase the program ad prices. There will not be a quarter page option. Ad sizes will be third page size at $25, half page at $40 and full page at $60, and inside front and back covers in color at $100. Linda Sunderland is getting estimates for the printing the program. The board discussed types of new tablecloths for the scientific and craft sales tables and will research club members with sewing skills. Sonny said she wants to get some boxes for the club’s scientific shell sales and the “look” of the craft sales tables will also be upgraded.

Hospitality- Patty Jenkins is out of town so Sonny asked board members to bring refreshments for the July meeting.
Craft Club- Linda Laurin said everything is going well. At the next craft club meeting the

members will discuss plans for making items for the shell show sales table. She will ask members about shells and supplies needed for making crafts. Linda is also going to discuss artistic exhibit entries and encourage all craft club members to enter artistic exhibits in the 2015 shell show. She will assist those entering exhibits for the first time and will help them complete their entry forms.

New Business- Sonny Ogden said she was having new keys made for the storage units. Members with storage unit keys should see Sonny to exchange them for new ones. Alice Lustig is donating a few new shelves to the club. They will go in the craft storage unit. Sonny needs new club business cards with her name and phone number. Linda Sunderland will order