Here is a list of those who are in charge for the various committees within club so you know who to contact with questions and to volunteer

Auction – Linda Zylman

COA 2015 – Nancy Galdo / Linda Sunderland

Correspondence – Carolyn Harvey

Educational – Richard Sedlak

Fieldtrips – The Board

Holiday Party – Linda Ebeling

Hospitality – Linda Ebeling

Library – Alice Lustig

Membership – Heather Strawbridge

Newsletter (Busycon) – Richard Sedlak / Tracy Dale

Photographer – Violet Mas

President – Linda Sunderland

Programs – Tom Ball

Raffle Table – Cindy Murphy

Recording Secretary – Linda Laurin

Scholarships – Linda Sunderland / The Board

Shell Show – Alice Pace Treasurer – Tom Ball

Vice President – Sonny Ogden

Web Site – Richard Kent