COA Convention Contest – For Broward Shell Club members only. Win a prize and grab the glory!!!

BSC members, put your thinking caps on! The club board announces a contest to submit a name and a logo for our 2015 COA Convention.

The title should be representative of something in South Florida pertaining to shells or nature and the logo should have a shell motif or at least a shell of some type in it. The logo should be a drawing (not a photograph) that can be utilized in color and/or black and white. We will utilize the name and logo in all print and on various pieces of merchandise we manufacture to sell at the COA. Those of you who attended our special May COA meeting saw various bags, t-shirts and hats adorned with various years’ logos and themes. We will be adding the following to our printed material/merchandise: 2015 COA Convention or 2015 Conchologists of America Convention.

Please submit your name/logo entry to either Nancy Galdo or Linda Sunderland. The contest deadline for submission is November 1st, 2013. We will present our 2015 COA name, logo and event plans next summer at the 2014 COA Convention in North Carolina!

There will be a very exciting prize for the winner (TBD). The board will announce the grand prize in the near future. The Broward Shell Club board of directors will choose the winner at its November board meeting. Good luck to all!!!

Examples of previous COA titles are:

2013 – Sarasota – A Circus of Shells

2011 – Melbourne – Space Coast Treasures

2010 – Boston – Shellebration

2007 – Portland, OR – Chardonnay & Shells

2003 – COA logo created in Seattle – The Watchman (see top of next column)

This year the COA will be in Sarasota, Florida and next year (2014) it will be in North Carolina. Our club has had the honor of hosting the Convention two times previously in 1977 and 1986. This annual event has taken place annually since 1972 and is the ultimate shell experience. Meeting other collectors from all over the world, fantastic programs, banquets, field trips, and the ultimate “shell-collecting-orgy” the dealers’ bourse. This is an overload of the senses where shells are concerned….but what a way to go!!