At this month’s meeting on Wednesday, January 9th, we welcome back an enthusiastic speaker Christopher Boykin to give a program entitled “Turtles of Florida”.  His talk will review the seven families of turtles found throughout the Florida peninsula, as well as the five species of sea turtles that frequent our waters. The speaker will briefly share some natural history characteristics of each species before elaborating on diamondback terrapins, which are a small euryhaline species found exclusively in mangrove and salt marsh habitats. We hope you will come out to learn about one of the world’s most interesting animals, who like you, have a strong interest in keeping their shells :)

Bio: Christopher Boykin has resided in Florida for twenty-two years and works for the Department of Environmental Protection’s Coral Reef Program. He participated on research projects as the principle investigator or assistant for more than fifteen species. His primary efforts with chelonians involved nine years of survey efforts with the ornate diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin macrospilota), which is found along Florida’s west coast.