Pterynotus miyokoae, Kosuge, 1979
Tangle nets at 100-150 m deep
Olango Island, Cebu, Philippines.
2009  SIZE about 60mm

It sure is a mouthful to pronounce the name! Pterynotus miyokoae is one of the most spectacular of the murex with elegant “wings” and marvelous delicate sculpturing. Scholars debate how it ended up a Pterynotus, with some saying it should be a Chicoreus. Other Pterynotus shells are awkward in appearance, misproportioned with their wings irregularly developed. Miyokoae are brown banded while Pterynotus are solid white or pastels. Pterynotus are very variable whereas the miyokoae are amazingly consistent. This was a very expensive shell when Kosuge described it in 1979 but prices have greatly declined. As all miyokoae look exactly the same, the lack of variety has reduced the value. It is indigenous to the Philippines where recently albino populations have been discovered.