On Friday, March 23 the Everglades Restoration foundation presents the Everglades Restoration Tour: Shark Valley and the River of Grass.  Shark Valley is the northernmost entrance to Everglades National Park and lies at the heart of this historic ecosystem. Join the foundation at 9:00 to depart from Miami to Shark Valley, where you will travel by tram throughout the park. There will be several scenic and educational stops along the way, including the observation tower which offers a spectacular overlook of the Everglades. After the tour of Shark Valley, the group will stop for lunch before departing on airboats to ride across the River of Grass. Cost is $50.00 per person and included tram tour, airboat fare and a boxes lunch. Space is limited.

Contact Brittnie Bassat at bbassant@evergladesfoundation.org or 305-251-0001