Yes, it actually that time of year again. And the date will be our regular December meeting date which is December 14th.  The Fishers had a sign-up sheet at the November meeting so you can let the committee know which of your delicious recipes you will honor us with.  We do ask two things of you:  when you bring your dish PLEASE bring a serving utensil for it, and if you are bringing an appetizer be there by 6:00 PM.  If you were unable to attend the November meeting and have not been called by the Committee, please call the Fishers at 561-306-4998 or email them at The club will supply the meat as usual.  Also we will have the fun part – the gift exchange / Chinese auction.  Please keep the value of your gift from between $15 – $20 and DO NOT WRAP THEM.  Place them in a gift bag which you can cover over with tissue of a single piece of tape.  This will greatly speed up the “process”. Shells and shell related items are what the items should be, although bottled beverages are acceptable.  Basic rule:  bring something that YOU would like if you won it.  This is and always has been one of the best ways to get to know your fellow members so everyone is encouraged to attend… would be foolish not to!

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