Hello everyone!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say just a few things.  First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU to Bob Pace for all of his hard work and dedication as our outgoing President.  A special Thank You to Alice for her support too!  Second, I want to tell you how much I am looking forward to the upcoming year.   We have a wonderful organization that includes all levels of interest from beginning to more scientific collectors as well as lots of arts & craft folks.  There is something for everyone.

The Board (thank you all for continuing on in your positions from last year!) and I are very interested in hearing your comments and suggestions and look forward to working together to continue the growth of the Club.   If you would like to volunteer to help with any aspect of the Club, please contact me or any Board member.

We will have lots of exciting activities this year beyond our monthly meetings, including a field trip to Sanibel Island to visit the Bailey Matthews Shell Museum, an overnight trip to Gainesville for a visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History which will include a behind the scenes tour with the curator, the annual collecting/picnic trip to the Keys as well as the Shell Show in January.  As you can see, we will be very busy!  I hope each one of you will become more involved in YOUR club!


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