Elections were held and those chosen by the nominating committee were approved by the members attending the general meeting.

Members elected were:
President:  Linda Sunderland
Vice-President:  Sonny Ogden
Treasurer:  Ike Alvo
Recording Sec.:  Elaine Alvo
Corresponding Sec.: Carolyn Harvey
Auction:  Bob Pace 
Membership: Heather Strawbridge
Membership Assistant.: Joy Stafford
Holiday Party: Carolyn Harvey & Toni Fisher
Hospitality: Doug & Toni Fisher
Library: Juan Marrero
Newsletter:  Richard Sedlak Newsletter Assistant: Richard Kent
Programs: Tom Ball
Raffle table: Richard Sedlak
Shell Show: Nancy Galdo
Shell Show Assistant:  Alice Pace
Web Page:  Richard Kent
Photographer & Club Historian: Violet Maas / Assistant: Kevan Sunderland
The COA Liaison, Custodian, Educational, Fieldtrips and Scholarship positions are being covered by the Board in general.

Unfortunately Violet is still ill.  We all hope for a full recovery soon. Attendance was really good.  Long time members showed up as well as new and newer members.  Heather mentioned Linda Ebeling and Sue and Ted (and others I can’t remember) as well as the 2 ladies I talked to quite a bit so you can see I am not good at names!   We are planning a bus trip to Sanibel Island to visit the Shell Museum and go to the beach.  Richard will drive.    Our speaker, Bob Janowsky gave a very well received presentation.  Many questions were asked and answered.  Everyone had good things to say about Bob.  We had over 50 members in attendance. The raffle table took in $50.00.  Thank you all.
Elaine Alvo    Recording Sec.

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