Sanibel Shell Show Trip

Yup….we are going to plan another one day trip to Sanibel for those who would like to experience the oldest shell show in the state.  The club rents a 12-passenger van which will leave the Pompano Civic Center at 7:15 AM on Saturday, March 5th.  We will see the show, have lunch, stop at a shell shop – or two, and attempt some shelling before it gets dark.  We return to Pompano about 10:30 PM or sooner.  The cost is $30 per person which includes the rental fees/taxes, gas and tolls.  The van holds a maximum of 12, but if we have enough interest we will rent an additional van….BUT I will need someone to designate as a driver.  I will be driving the first van (as usual).  Please see me at the February meeting or call/email me at 954-296-5633 /  Checks are to be made out to The Broward Shell Club, but at least some cash payments would be nice, to use for the fuel and tolls.  All I ask is that if you commit to go then please do so.  If there is a remote possibility that you might not be able to go then please do not sign up as any cancellations will end up having to be paid for by the club.  It REALLY is a fun day and I encourage you new members to take advantage of this fun day.

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