Craft meeting March 27, Monday, 6pm

A reminder, we will learn encrusting of either boxes, birdhouses or letters, which will be really a GLUE lesson one week from today. Before you begin, you will be shown how to properly use the following:

Tacky Glue
Hot Glue
Loctite Super Gel Glue

These three glues are allowed in the Civic Center, but keep in mind, there are numerous others which, when properly ventilated, provide excellent adhesion. We will not be covering these but for an on line lesson, please visit

There will be a limited number of birdhouses for sale along with letters, which some of you have reserved from Linda Ebeling. The club will have smaller letters also on a limited basis for use on the craft table next year.

If you have a box, letter or birdhouse you would like to cover, please bring it along. There will be two small boxes for practice available.


Loctite Gel Glue
Hot Glue Gun and pad
Tacky Glue
Paint brush approximately 1/4 inch in width (to apply tacky glue evenly)
Good tweezers, preferably serrated (to pick up small shells)
Very thin “poker” such as a dental tool is helpful or toothpick
(this to align your shells perfectly)

Please come when you can, but we will begin glue instructions at 6 pm for the first group.

Many shells are available for sale especially with encrusting in mind. As is our motto, these are sold to members below your retail cost, one of our benefits for you.

Looking forward to a fun night.