Craft Meeting – Monday, February 27, 2017

Are you ready to make some mirrors? We are ready for you with blank frames
either to assist in creating for the craft sales table or to buy to take
home, or bring your own! If you bring your own, it is advisable
to remove the mirror to avoid scratches and glue drips while creating your

If you go to Pinterest, and ask to see shell mirrors and you will get
endless ideas to inspire you.

There is a new shipment of craft club shells for sale from a purchase and
two nice donations we have received this past week. As usual, they are
priced to sell at very low prices so that you can select your favorites to
make mirrors.

Donna Clarke and Sandy Diezel made a large mirror last year during our
meeting and finished it at home. This mirror brought the club over $400 on
the raffle table! Everyone wanted a chance to win this beauty.

We will have examples of three different type of mirrors for you to see.
If you are a novice, our experts will be on hand to direct mirror projects
for the craft table so that you can learn.

Mirrors are flat. This allows us to use Tacky Glue in lots of places, so
please add this to your supply list which is as follows:

Glue gun and sticks
Glue pad
Tacky Glue (can be purchased at Joanne’s, AC Moore or Michaels)
Forceps or tweezers

I will have a Dremal tool or nail tool and a wire brush on hand to insure
your shells are in good condition for your use. Almost all shells need a
little care before applying and you can learn how to make your shell
collection at home even prettier.

Thank you to those who have done this before for your assistance in
directing a mirror project! We are no club without our volunteers so big
hats off to you for your help.

I am looking as well for a volunteer to handle the sales table. There are
LOTS so this will probably be a full time job for the night.

Remember, we begin at 6pm but come when you can. At 8:30pm we will begin
to clean up our mess so as to exit the Civic Center by 9pm.

Hope to see you!