fossilSpecies: Phyllonotus globosus (Emmons, 1858)

Size: 82mm

Remarks: This is a GORGEOUS, rare specimen excavated in Sarasota, FL. It dates from the Pliocene and more specifically from the Piacenzian Age, around 3.6-2.588 million years ago. In the ancient sea that covered Florida, this species would have lived on open sand areas and among turtle grass. This is a beautifully preserved specimen, and a must have for the serious fossil collector. Incredibly, this species still lives on to this day and can now be found in Venezuela. I have to say though, this fossil is honestly much more ornate than the vast majority of live taken globosus specimens I have seen. Better spines, better detail…an all around amazing fossil!

(descriptive text that came with fossil – donated by Richard Kent)