Siratus beauii (Fischer & Bernardi) 1857. Richard Kent is getting a break this month. And what we mean by that is James and his Dad, Emmett Redding are supplying this month’s feature shell. And what a shell it is. Siratus beauii used to be somewhat easy to get, but no more. In the early 1970s Dr. Riley Black was very famous for his dredging excursions in the Gulf of Mexico….and one could buy a bushel basket of dredged mud and goodies, set up a big tub of water, grab a sieve of some sort and have a ball. Nothing was guaranteed with each bushel but it was a wonderful gamble to see what might be discovered from the mud. I, myself got enough rubles together to

purchase one and found cones, murex and so much more.

Jean Redding, our past president from 1973 purchased many bushels and this month’s shell is the result of that, being from her collection.

Siratus beauii is now very hard to find, and especially in this condition. The varicies are just about all intact and it has its operculum. For you Heavy-Duty collectors, this shell has not had its exterior cleaned and oiled which gives you the opportunity for either cleaning it (a very easy task with this specimen) or leaving it as is!

Dredged by Dr. Black June 1971. It was taken in 125 fathoms (750 feet) west of Cape San Blas. This would put it near/in the Desoto Canyon.