Dr. Marvin Glickstein spent his working career as an engineer at Pratt Whitney where he patented several new cooling concepts for aircraft engines. As a hobby, he started SCUBA diving, when it was in its early stages. He also owned a boat he named the Lucky Stone which is his name Glickstein translated.

From SCUBA, he wanted to try his hand at dredging and with his close friend John Root, fitted his boat and dredged through the waters of the SE coast from Stuart to Key West and some near Ft. Myers, Florida.

Marvin was a prominent member of the Palm Beach County Shell Club, running field trips and holding several positions including President. He was also a founding member of the Palm Beach Aquarium Club.

Marvin has had several of the shells he dredged up named for himself and his wife Pat and also had several of his dredged shells later named as type specimens.
Marvin will talk about his experiences dredging and will describe some of the trials and experiences he had.

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