The Program Title is “Secrets of the Lake Worth Lagoon“. Carole Marshall has been studying mollusks for 45 years. She has given many shell programs throughout this time to Conchologists of America, American Malacologists Society, Texas and Clearwater  Shellers’ Jamborees and many shell clubs throughout the United States. Most recently she has given this program at the  Green Cay Nature Center and the Pratt Whitney Retirees Group.

As a docent at the John F. Kennedy Cold War Museum on Peanut Island Florida, she spent her spare time combing the beaches and was encouraged to study the Peanut Island Mollusks. She is presently writing a book on the Seashells of Peanut Island.  As another docent, she got to know the rich history of Peanut Island and the Lake Worth Lagoon, along with the flora and fauna and she will share it with you.

Carole is a past president and program chairman of both the Broward Shell Club and the now defunct Palm Beach County Shell Club. She was also president of the Treasure Coast Shell Club. Her most lasting accomplishment was testifying before the Fish and Wildlife Conservation department at many committee hearings.  There was a movement to abolish shell collecting in Manatee County and through her efforts she rallied several other shell clubs to testify on behalf of shell collecting. Shelling is still allowed in that county. She also testified on behalf of shell collectors during the NOAA hearings during the Florida Keys Sanctuary hearings traveling to Silver Springs Maryland and Marathon, Florida to testify.

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