Shells of the Hawaiian Islands By Mike Severns

Finally after many years of hard work a new book is out. The new Hawaiian Marine shell book along with the Hawaiian Land Snail book is coming of the press’s this very moment. The new books will come as a set in a sleeve for both volumes. I have attached a brief forward from the Publisher showing a few details about the book. It will debut in Antwerp next month at the Antrwerp Shell Show. The Publisher is sending me books at the end of April. Anyone in the United States who wants a set can get one from me as soon as they arrive here in Hawaii. There may be places on the Mainland to get them but I am not sure. (MDM Books, see below) It may be less expensive to get a set locally near you than pay shipping from Hawaii. I have had the honor of assisting in the creation of this book. I know first hand the attention to detail that has gone into these books. I have seen it in finished form and it blows away anything on the market about Hawaiian shells or Land Snails. There are many new species and renamed shells in both books. Let me know if I can be of any help in getting a set.

Thanks and Aloha

JJ Jackson

The following text is from ConchBooks

To be published the 2nd of May 2011 by ConchBooks, Klaus & Christina Groh, Mainzer Str. 25, D-55546 Hackenheim, Germany – – phone +49-671-68666 – fax +49-671-8963942

This monumental work is the result of more than three decades of (re)search and is offered in two separate volumes:

The Sea Shells The verifiable species and their described variants

562 pages, full colored illustrated with numerous text-figures and 2,828 images on 225 plates, section sewn hard-cover, A4-format (30 x 21 cm – 11,8 x 8,3 inch)

Price: 128 Euro net – approx. 179 US-$ – plus postage (economy-air parcel book-rate 19 Euro – approx. 27 US-$)

The Land Shells The endemic land and freshwater species and their described variants

459 pages, full colored illustrated with numerous text-figures and 3,117 images and 363 maps on 186 plates, section sewn hard- cover, A4-format (30 x 21 cm – 11,8 x 8,3 inch)

Price: 98 Euro net – approx. 137 US-$ – plus postage (economy-air book-rate 16 Euro – approx. 22 US-$) Or both volumes together in a solid slip-case

Price: 190 Euro net – approx. 266 US-$ – (save 36 Euro – approx. 50 US-$) plus postage (regular economy-air parcel 40 Euro – approx. 56 US-$)

Robert Janowsky of MDM Books supplied us this information:

Our shipment will be coming directly from the printer in the Czech Republic and should be leaving for Florida on or about May 6. I’ll be happy to let you know when they arrive and will have a better idea as to cost once I know the cost of shipping here.

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