Shell Auction 2020

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
at the Pompano Beach Emma Lou Olson Civic Center
Auction Preview 6:15 p.m.
Bidding Begins Promptly at 6:45 p.m.
NOTE: Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be viewed on the club’s website
Download / View 2020 Auction List by clicking here

*1. Busycon contrarium w/data, Florida.  Our Club Shell!  A gorgeous 12” specimen!, Opening Bid $35.00

*2. Spondylus americanus w/data, Beautiful shell with pink spines, Boca Raton, Opening Bid $25.00

3. Murex scolopax w/data, Saudi Arabia

4. Tibia fusus w/data, Philippines

5. 2 Tibia insulaechorab insulaechorab w/data Saudi Arabia

6. Fusinus novaehollandiae w/data SE Australia, Upper Tasman Sea, Opening Bid $20.00

7. Fusinus undatus  w/basic data West Pacific

8. Cypraea tigris w/data, great markings!  Tanzania

9.    Cypraea tigris w/data, Niger! New Caledonia

10.   Cypraea tigris w/data, pale coloration!  Tanzania

11.   Cypraea tigris w/data, Dwarf!  Philippines

12.   Haliotis assimilis w/data, Baja California, Mexico

13.   Haliotis corrugata w/data, San Diego, CA

14.   Euvola sericea w/data, West Mexico

15.   Laevichlamys sauciata w/data, Saudi Arabia

*16.   “Bonefish” carved from cow horn, beautifully detailed!  Unique!!!

*17.   “Koi” carved from cow horn, beautifully done!  Very unusual!!!

18.    Spondylus varius w/basic data, East Africa

19.   Shell Stamps from Foreign Countries, laminated in plastic

20.   2 compartmentalized plastic boxes of tiny preserved Crab Specimens

21.   Lambis truncata truncata w/3 extra digits!!!  w/data,  Red Sea, Large!

22.   Lambis truncata sebae w/2 extra digits!  w/data, Saudi Arabia

23.   Cypraea testudinaria w/data, Indonesia

24.   2 Cypraea mus donmoorei w/data, Columbia

25.   10 Species of Worldwide Cowries, all w/data

26.   3 species of Flame Scallops from Government Cut, 5 shells total, all w/data, Miami

27.   Oliva miniacea miniacea w/data, Philippinews  Opening Bid $5.00

28.   Oliva ponderosa w/data, Maldives  Opening Bid $5.00

29.   Oliva vidua forma cincta w/data, Philippines  Opening Bid $5.00

30.   Oliva atalina w/data, Indian Ocean, Opening Bid $5.00

31.   Oliva sericea w/data, Thailand, Opening Bid $5.00

32.   Echinophora carnosa w/data  South China Sea

33.   Book: “Fabulous Florida Fossil Shells” by Gary Schmelz, Autographed!!!

34.   Swiftopecten swifti w/data Vladivistok

35.   Mizuhopecten yessoensis w/data , Japan

36.   Patinopecten caurianus  w/data South Alaska

37.   Amusium japonicum japonicum w/data, Japan

38.   Austrochlamys natans w/data,  Chile

39.   Chlamys hastata w/data

40.    Ladies wrap, ocean theme, hand batik from “Androsia” in the Bahamas, says “Cape Eleuthera”

*41.    Jute Bag, brand new with tags, blue with Sand Dollar design, Original price $21.00, Opening Bid $12.00

42.    4 cloth napkins, brand new!  Browns and reds, attractive shell/floral design

43.    Salad Servers, brand new in box!  Fish Handles. VERY attractive!

44.    Murex species!   Unidentified! w/data, Philippines

45.    Amoria ellioti w/data, Western Australia

46.    4 specimens of Rapa rapa, all slightly different shapes, Philippines, $29.00 value, Opening bid $10.00

47.    Lyria lyraeformis w/data, East Africa

48.   Concholepis concholepis w/data and operculum, fresh specimen!  The Muricid that looks like a limpet!  Chile

49.   Benimakia nodata w/data Hawaii

50.   3 species of Philippine Neritinas! all w/data, Philippines, 12 shells total

51.   Dinner Plates, 11 total, new condition, Blue & White Fish design

52.   3 piece aluminum set of fish serving dishes and trivet

53.   “Keys Eco Tour Guide” by Bob Pace

54.   Turbo marmoratus w/pearlized band, opening bid $15.00

55.    2 Turbo imperialis w/data, 1 w/operculum  Madagascar

56.   Cypraecassis rufa w/data, Philippines

57.   Hexaplex fulvescens w/data Florida Panhandle

58.   “History of the Florida Keys” comprehensive information compiled by Bob Pace

59.    Haliotis rufescens w/data, Northern California, large beautiful specimen! Opening Bid $15.00

60.   Malea ringens, no data, beautiful shell!

61.   Tonna galea, no data

62.   Cymbiola aulica w/data, Philippines, gorgeous red color! 128.9 mm, Opening bid $35.00   Value $95.00

*63.   Spondyus princeps w/data, Baja Norte, deep red color!

64.   Strombus gallus w/data Key Largo, Florida

65.   Spondylus americanus w/data, white w/pink spines, Panama City Beach, Florida

66.Spondylus americanus w/data, a little pink & red beauty!  Panama City Beach, Florida

67.Spondylus americanus w/data, a little red beauty!  Panama City Beach, Florida

68.   10 species of cowries from Saudi Arabia, all w/data, Opening Bid $10.00

69.   6 Specimens/6 Locations of Liguus fasciatus forma floridanus all w/data, Interesting!   Opening Bid $10.00

70.   Liguus fasciatus forma walker  Topotype!!!  51 mm, Collected by Archie Jones!  This is your chance to own a historically important shell!  Opening bid $15.00

71.   Liguus virgineus elongated freak! w/ data, from the Arche Jones collection, Haiti

72.  Liguus fasciatus forma aurantius w/data collected by Jay Wright, Marathon, Fl Keys

73.  Conus bullatus w/data, gorgeous specimen!  Philippines   Opening Bid $10.00

74.  Favartia pelepili w/data, a tiny and gorgeous Murex! w/data, Opening Bid $5.00

75.  Siratus alabaster w/data, Philippines, Beautiful Shell!

76   Murex mactanensis w/data, another little jewel!  Opening bid $5.00

77.  Latiaxis babelis w/data, excellent specimen!  Malta, Opening bid $5.00

78.  Muricopsis blainvillei  3 specimens, w/data Italy

79.  Oliva miniacea forma marrati w/data, excellent specimen!  Philippines

80.  Oliva miniacea miniacea w/data, excellent specimen w/beautiful color!  Philippines

81.   Book: “The Shell” by H. & M. Stix and R. Tucker Abbott, the classic coffee table book!

82.   Book:  “Shells – Jewels from the Sea” by M.G. Harasewych

83.   Blue glass fish serving bowl

84.   Bag of plastic boxes

85.   Ladies Wrap, dark blue, fringed, with fish design.

86    Green Marble Cheese Tray w/shell handle.  Brand New!

87.   Cut Cowrie Necklace

88.   Pink Pecten     No name or data

89.   Orange Pecten    No name or data

90.   Distorsio anus w/data  Hawaii


91.  Nassarius papillosus w/data, Hawaii

92.  Set of fish and shell food molds.  All new!

93.  Crassostraea gigas w/data, extra-frilly farmed specimen! Beautiful!

94.  Half Chambered Nautilus, Cut shell!

95.  Fabric from the Walter Sage fabric collection, 2 ½ yards, Nice blue & white pecten print

96.  Cittarium pica w/data, Nice big shell!  Florida Keys

97.  Argonauta argo w/data Beautiful specimen!  Japan

98   Penion maximus w/data, East Australia Opening Bid $5.00

99.  Cypraea teulerei w/data Oman, Opening Bid $5.00

*100.  Cypraea hesitata hesitata w/data, Lovely gem specimen!  Opening Bid $20.00

101.  Bag of Polished Shells

102.  Polished Turbo   Decorative Item

103.  Pearlized Turbo   Decoratrive Item

104. Cymatium ranzani w/data Somalia  Opening Bid $20.00

105.  Spiral Cut Pearlized Trochus  Decorative Item

106.  Cypraea decipiens w/data, West Australia, Beautiful specimen!  Opening Bid $20.00

107.  Cypraea sulcidentata  w/data, Hawaii, Opening Bid $10.00

108.  Charonia variegata w/data, Bahamas, 12” specimen!  Opening Bid $25.00

109.  Terebra maculata w/data, Philippines, an 8” Big Boy!

110.  2 Terebra crenulata forma fimbriata w/data, Saudi Arabia

111.  Conus spurius arubensis w/data Columbia,  Opening Bid $10.00

112.  2 Homolocantha pele w/data 1 purple, 1 yellow,  Hawaii

113.  Homolocantha zamboi w/data Large!  Philippines

114.  Authentic Vintage Fishing Float, marked “Derby, CT”

115.  Drupa rubisidaeus w/data Hawaii

116.  Hexaplex erythrostomus w/data Mexico

117.  Zidona dufresnei w/data Brazil Opening Bid $10.00

118.  Amoria jamrachi w/data, West Australia

119.  Volutoconus grossi grossi Dwarf Form! w/data, from old collection, Opening Bid $5.00

120.  $25.00 gift card for Calypso Restaurant

121.  Chlamys senatoria w/attached barnacles, w/data  Philippines

122.  Nodipecten nodosus w/data Orange!  Florida

123.  Placopecten magellanicus  w/data Long Island, NY

124.  Amusium japonicum japonicum w/data Japan

125.  Standing Mermaid, wood, aqua and white, adorable decorative item!

126.  Framed Vintage Asian Scene made of tiny shells & bits of urchins, Opening Bid $10.00

127.  Pair of throw pillows with stunning Cone Shell design.  Brand New!!!

128.  Lucite Shell Shaped serving dish

129.  2 1/3 yards of Waverly Upholstery Fabric, blue & white shells, small area of stains

130.  Cassis madagascariensis forma spinella w/data, Florida Keys, Large!  Opening bid $25.00

131.  3 species of Mitres that look similar: Vexillum plicarium, V. intermedia & V. rugosum

132.  2 Kelletia kelleti w/data, from old collection, California

133.  2 Cirsotrema cochlea w/data, Excellent specimens w/operculums, Spain

134.  2 Marginella glabella w/data, Western Sahara

135.  2 Persicula tessellata w/data, Pacific Panama

136.  Amphidromus alicetandiasae  Land Snail w/data, Borneo,  Opening Bid $10.00

137.  2 Tortulosa tweediei  Land Snails w/data, Thailand

138.  Amphidromus richardi  Land Snail w/data Timor Leste,  Opening Bid $10.00

139.  Tropidophora deburghiae  Land Snail w/data Madagascar, Opening Bid $10.00

*140.  Chlamys zelandiae w/data, Superb Specimen from old collection! Bright Orange! New Zealand, Opening Bid $10.00

141.  Chlamys nipponensis w/data, from old collection, Japan

*142.  Erosaria granulata granulata  A pretty pink bumpy Cowrie! w/data, Oahu

143.  Cypraea diluculum w/data Kenya

144.  Cypraea spadicea w/data, Nice Large Specimen!  California

145.  Oliva annulata forma carnicolor w/data, Philippines

146.  Harpa cabriti w/data, Beautiful Dealer Shell!   Madagascar, Opening Bid $10.00

147.  Harpa amouretta w/basic data, Guam

148.  Set of 8 baking shells, along with Paula Honker’s recipe for Mobile Styled Crab!

149.  Set of 8 Tiger Cowrie Napkin Rings

150.  Bag of Bright Orange Scallops, mixed species, no data.

151.  Brechites attrahens w/data, from old collection, Australia

152.  Thatcheria mirabilis w/data, Large shell from old collection  Taiwan

153.  Fusinus colus w/data Philippines

154.  Fusinus dupetitthouarsi w/data, Pacific Costa Rica

155.  Tibia fusus w/basic data, a long-tailed beauty!   SW Pacific

156.  Tibia powisi w/basic data  SW Pacific

157.  Lyria planicostata w/data, Philippines

158   Fusivoluta barnardi  w/data, South Africa

159.  Saotomea pratasensis w/data South China Sea

160.  Trophon fraseri w/data Morocco

161.  Spondylus americanus w/data, Orange!  Pompano Beach

162.  Pair of Throw Pillows w/stunning Cassidae print!  Brand New!

163.  Square blue & white ceramic serving dish.  Brand New!

164.  Starfish Shaped high quality aluminum Chip & Dip or Shrimp Cocktail serving dish

165.  Shell Shaped Aluminum serving dish

166.  Syrinx aruanus w/data Nice Big Specimen! West Australia

167.  Book:  The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Shells by S. Peter Dance

168.  Onustus longleyi  w/data, a deep-water Carrier Shell from the Florida Straits.

169.  Half of a Tridacna Clam, 11.5 inches

170.  Pearlized Chambered Nautilus

171.  Bag of 15 different species of cowries w/basic data

172.  Haliotis assimilis w/data, Mexico

173.  Chambered Nautilus Baby!  No data, but so darned cute!

174.  Phalium bisulcatum w/data  Thailand

175.  Terebra commaculata w/basic data, Thailand


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