Shell Auction 2019

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
at the Pompano Beach Emma Lou Olson Civic Center
Auction Preview 6:15 p.m.
Bidding Begins Promptly at 6:45 p.m.
NOTE: Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be viewed on the club’s website
Download / View 2019 Auction List by clicking here

*1. Busycon contrarium w/data, Florida. Our Club Shell! A gorgeous 12” specimen! Opening Bid $35.00
2. Haliotis rufescens w/data, North California
3. Haliotis corrugata w/data, California
4. Polished Abalones! Two different species!
5. Bag of Shells collected at John U. Lloyd Park during BSC picnics, from 2000 – 2018, many different species!
6. Nodipecten fragosus (Lion’s Paw) w/data, Key West
7. 2 “Blue Onion” pattern blue & white scallop shaped dishes. Very Pretty!
8. 3 Spondylus (Spiny Oysters) on coral, Philippines
9. Spondylus tenuis w/barnacle, w/data, Pompano Beach. Neat piece!
10. Spondylus c.f. multimuricatus on hammer oyster, w/data, Philippines. Super cool!
11. Spondylus americanus w/data, Pompano Beach, Orange!
12. 9 Cowries, all different species, all w/data
*13. A Cluster of Worm Shells! Don’t fight over this one!!
14. 4 Specimens of Charonia variegata (Triton’s Trumpets), 4 different locations, 4 different sizes, all w/data!
15. Cymatium lotorium w/data, w/perc, superior specimen! Philippines
16. Cypraea mauritiana w/data, lovely shell! Indonesia
17. Cypraecassis rufa w/data, great color! Philippines
18. Tablecloth, Blue & White Batik Fish Print, Like New! 65” x 100”
*19. Hand carved Mother of Pearl “Pre-Columbian” style Mask, w/ stone eyes and mouth, interesting piece!
20. Freshwater Pearl Necklace by Phil Dietz, Opening Bid $40.00
21. Bag of various polished green turbans, 9 shells total, Opening Bid $10.00
22. Rapa rapa w/basic data only, Philippines
23. Conus litteratus w/data Philippines
24. 2 Conus radiatus w/data Philippines
25. Conus delessertii w/data Florida
26. Conus tribblei w/data Philippines
27. Bag of Assorted Polished Shells
28. Ladies Wrap – Blue Batik w/white shell print
29. Busycon carica w/data North Carolina
30. Xenophora pallidula w/data, Philippines
31. Fabric, 36” x 44” piece, aqua/green sea fans
32. Fabric, 36” x 44” piece, royal blue/aqua sea fans
33. Blue and White Decorative Shell Plate w/scallop design
34. Melo melo w/data, South China Sea, sub-adult
35. Melo georginae w/data, Australia, sub-adult
36. Melo aethiopica w/basic data, Indonesia, sub-adult
37. Vexillum curviliratum w/data, Philippines
38. 2 Calpurnus verrucosus w/data, Philippines
39. 2 Oliva miniacea w/data, Philippines
40. Terebra crenulata form interlineata w/data, India
41. Miniature Collectors! Qty. 20, 1”x1” magnifying boxes, brand new! Opening Bid $10.00
42. Bag of Sea Glass from St. Vincent in the Grenadines
43. 2 Cittarium pica w/data, Bahamas, nice shells!
44. Fabric, approx. 3 yards of shell pattern upholstery fabric, rich colors!
45. 4 Species of Cardita: C. ajar, C. floridana, C. affinis, and C. laticostata, all with data, from dealer’s stock
46. Stamp Collectors! First Day of Issue Southeastern Lighthouses stamps from Tybee Island, GA. Opening Bid $6.00
47. Stamp Collectors! 4 mint condition Jamaican postage stamps from 1964 featuring Jamaican Land Shells., “collector’s corner” with number, Opening bid $2.00
48. 10 different species of worldwide Cardium, all with data, from dealer’s stock
49. 6 Decorative Glass Floats, Varying sizes and colors
50. Strombus diegelae w/data fossil shell, named after our late member Phyllis Diegel
51. Book: “The Shell, Five Hundred Million Years of Inspired Design” by Stix and Abbott. The classic coffee table shell book!
52. Book: “Shells of the Philippines” by Springsteen & Leobrera
53. Large Framed Tile Picture of underwater scene…Beautiful!
54. Set of Blue and White Shell Pattern Dishes
55. Set of 3 Blue and White Fabric Covered Coral Pattern Storage Boxes
*56. 3 Aequipecten opercularis w/data, Color set! France
*57. Umbilia hesitata w/data, Australia. Excellent quality shell! Opening bid $15.00
*58. Conus amadis f. castaneofasciatus w/data, Thailand. Large shell, great quality!
*59. Mitra papalis w/data, Philippines. A big beauty!
*60. Morum ninomiyai w/data, Thailand. Rare Shell! Opening bid $10.00
*61. 5 Oliva miniacea w/data, Philippines. Contrasting pattern set of 5.
*62. Cypraea Erosaria turdus w/data, Egypt
*63. 6 Vexillum vulpecula w/data, Philippines. Color set.
*64. 2 Cypraea pantherina w/data, Ethiopia, 1 dark orange and 1 light.
*65. Conus generalis w/data, Philippines, Beautiful pattern!
*66. Conus figulina w/data, Philippines
*67. Cypraea spadicea w/data, California. A beautiful Chestnut Cowrie!
*68. 3 Dolabella auriculata w/data, Bohol Island. The internal shell of a sea hare!
*69. Cymbiola aulica w/data, Philippines Opening Bid $10.00
*70. 3 Chicomurex lacianatus w/data, Philippines, color set.
71. Turbo marmoratus w/data, New Caledonia, 3 ½” shell
72. Cypraea tigris w/data, Cebu Island, Adorable DWARF shell!
73. 2 Conus ximenes w/data, West Mexico
74. Conus victoria w/data, Australia
75. Siratus alabaster w/data, Philippines, Beautiful Shell!
76 Nodipecten fragosus w/data, Panama City Beach, Florida, “Lion’s Paw”!
77. Bufonaria cristinae w/data Philippines
78. Conus circumcises form brazier w/data, Solomon Islands
79. 2 Conus striatellus w/data, Japan
80. Wrist Watch with abalone face and band. Pretty!
81. Pearlized Nautilus pompilius Large & Beautiful!
82. Tablecloth, new in package, Blue & white fish pattern, 60” x 120”
83. Silver plated shell motif napkin holder and silver plated shell motif trivet
84. Table Runner, new! Blue & white fish pattern
85. 6 piece set of blue glass fish-shaped serving pieces, new!
86 Large blue glass serving bowl w/shell pattern
87. Blue and white ceramic serving bowl with shell pattern
88. Chef’s apron, new with tags, blue & white fish design
89. 9 blue & white sea-life pattern fabric placemats and 6 matching napkins. New!
90. Set of 4 blue fish shaped candles in glass, new in package.
90B. 14 different species of cowries from Japan, all collected by Minami Sakamoto’s father, Takahiro Sakamoto. All with meticulous data, including some with data also written in Mr. Sakamoto’s beautiful Japanese script! This is special!


91. Set of 6 blue glass shell pattern window ornaments
92. Very attractive cast aluminum serving bowl with blue fish design. New!
93. Large cast aluminum shell-shaped serving dish w/2 smaller shell shaped pieces.
94. Cast aluminum shell motif serving dish, small. New in package
95. Decorative glass “sea gems”, new in package
96. Set of 6 professionally framed shell prints, copies of Histoire Naturelle prints, Beautiful! Opening bid $35.00
97. Fredric Weiss shells! A small metal cabinet with plastic drawers full of bivalves. Unsorted, just the way we received them from the estate. Opening bid $10.00
98. Fredric Weiss shells! A small metal cabinet with plastic drawers full of mixed shells. Unsorted, just the way we received them from the estate! Opening bid $10.00
99. Frederic Weiss shells! A small metal cabinet with plastic drawers, half full of bivalves. Unsorted, just the way we received them from the estate! Opening bid $5.00
*100. Pleuroploca gigantea, w/data, Florida Keys, 18” Huge and exceptional specimen!!!! The Florida State Shell! Opening bid $100.00
*101. Cassis madagascariensis forma spinella w/data, Florida Keys, Large! Opening bid $25.00
*102. Lyropecten subnodosus w/data, Mexico, Huge Bright Orange specimen! Opening bid $10.00
103. Ladies Wrap, Blue Batik, Shell and Fish design
104. Ladies Wrap, Aqua Batik, Sun design
105. Fabric Shower Curtain, Blue and White Fish Design, nice quality!
106. 4 different food molds/baking pans, all in scallop design, Opening bid $5.00
107. Bag of 7 different bright orange pectens, no data,
*108. Charonia variegata w/data, Bahamas, rare smooth orange color form of the Caribbean Triton’s Trumpet! Opening Bid $25.00
109. Hexaplex fulvescens w/data, Florida, large specimen w/operculum, Opening bid $10.00
110. Spondylus varius w/data, East Africa
111. Rapa rapa, w/basic data, Philippines
112. Xenophora pallidula w/data, Philippines
113. Decorative mask from New Guinea, from the Marilyn Northrop estate
114. Ladies wrap, Bright tropical print of palm trees and sea life
*115. Charonia variegata w/data, Bahamas, large and fantastic specimen! +/- 14” Opening bid $40.00
116. Voluta magellanica w/data, Argentina
117. Cymatium pyrum w/data Japan
118. Lyria lyraeformis w/data East Africa
*119. Entemnotrochus adansonianus w/data, Roatan, Honduras, Great color! Opening bid $75.00
120. $25.00 gift card for Calypso Restaurant
121. Cryptospira elegans w/data, Indonesia, 45 mm
122. Globivenus effusa w/data, Spain, an uncommon bivalve! Value $35.00, Opening bid $5.00
123. 2 Cypraea turdus w/data, Oman
124. Nodipecten fragosus w/data, Lions Paw from Florida!
125. Lunatis heros w/data, Maine, beautiful specimen!
126. Cymbium glans w/data, Senegal
127. 20 brand new top quality plastic specimen boxes, assorted sizes, $25.00 value, Opening bid $10.00
128. Purpura persica w/data, Madagascar, Nice specimen!
129. Chlamys multisquamata w/data, Florida, Excellent specimen! Opening bid $25.00
130. Pterynotus miyokoae w/data, Philippines, Opening bid $5.00
131. Outdoor dining set for 4…super cute for a picnic or your pool deck! Shell and fish design plastic plates, goblets, glasses, pitchers, plastic tablecloth and napkins. All brand new! What fun!
*132. Original drawing by well-known malacologist S. Peter Dance of Latiaxus mawae, beautifully framed!
Opening bid $25.00
133. Set of 4 original paintings of Cowrie species by Joseph Regan, 10” x 10” each, LOVELY!
Opening bid $35.00
134. Pearlized Chambered Nautilus, fancy fluted cut!
135. Cut slice of Chambered Nautilus
136. Tibia fusus w/basic data, Philippines, 200 mm
137. Mitre Collectors! A box of 26 different species of small miters, all w/data, as we received it from the Fredric Weiss Estate, many originally from Sally Kaicher, opening bid $15.00
138. Pecten yessoensis w/data, Japan, 150 mm
139. 2 Pecten latiauritius w/data, 1 normal color and 1 orange
140. Voluta demarcoi w/data, Roatan, Honduras, from Fredric Weiss collection
141. Pleuroploca filamentosa w/data, Philippines, 102 mm
142. Helicostyla mindoroensis w/data, Philippines, from Fredric Weiss collection
143. Helicostyla marinduquensis w/data, Marinduque, from Fredric Weiss collection
144. 2 Amphidromus chloris roesseleri w/data, Philippines, Fredric Weiss collection
145. 2 throw pillows, beautifully made by Jean Kempfer, natural linen color with starfish and seahorse embroidered in blue and brown.
Opening bid $20.00
146. Large bag of colorful seashells
147. Chlamys imbricata w/data, Broward County, Florida, large specimen!
148. Chlamys mildredae w/data, Broward County, Florida, hard to find pecten!
149. 2 Nemocardium bechei w/data, SW Taiwan, from old collection.
150. Cassia semigranosum w/data, South Australia, opening bid $5.00
151. Galeoastraea (Bolma) modesta w/data, Japan, nice shell from old collection
*152. Pecten swifti, basic data only, Japan, beautiful deep rose pink color!
153. 2 Harpa amouretta w/data, Guam
154. Homalocantha zamboi w/data, Philippines, Large specimen, 54mm!
155. Cypraea annettae basic data only, Mexico
156. Columbarium pagoda w/data, Japan
157. Haustellum brandaris w/data, Spain
158 Neorapana muricata w/data, West Panama
159. 2 Tegula rugosa basic data only, West Mexico
160. Haustellum langleitae, basic data only, Sumatra
161. 2 Trochus maculatus w/data, Philippines
162. 2 Astraea rugosa w/data, Lampedusa, Italy, 1 juvenile and 1 mature specimen
163. 2 Calliostoma meyeri, basic data only, Australia
164. Tectus fenestratus w/data, Philippines
165. Turbinella pyrum basic data only, Sri Lanka, The Sacred Shank!
166. Conus betulinus with data, Taiwan, interesting old data slip! A big beautiful specimen with great color! 111 mm
167. Syrinx aruanus w/data, Australia. Juvenile specimen with protoconch intact!
168. Etching of a Heart Cockle by well-known malacologist, S. Peter Dance.
*169. Malleus albus, w/data, Philippines, from old collection
*170. Shoebox full of Lyman family shells, all Caribbean, collected in the 1940’s! All with data, unsorted. Maybe there’s a treasure in there somewhere
171. Shoebox full of Lyman family shells, all Caribbean, collected in the 1940’s! All with data, unsorted. Maybe there’s a treasure in there somewhere!
172. Shell design tapestry wheeled cart…great for the flea market or short trips, New!
173. Pair of Pottery Barn throw pillows w/embroidered octopus and seahorses, tan and beige, high end item. Just cleaned! Opening bid $15.00
174. Nice piece of Brain Coral, Opening bid $35.00
175. Large and beautiful branch of coral, Opening bid $75.00

Many Thanks to our Generous Donors for this Auction:
Nancy Galdo
Randy Allamand
The Broward Shell Club
An Anonymous Friend of the Broward Shell Club
Bob & Alice Pace
Sue Hobbs & Phil Dietz
Richard Kent
Linda Zylman Holzinger & David Holzinger
Carolyn Vun Kannon
Rex Stilwill
Alice Lustig
Calypso Restaurant
Andre & Kelly Poremski
Dale Bittern
The Phyllis Diegel Estate
Sonny Ogden
Minami Sakamoto and Takahiro Sakamoto
Andres Bonard
Ike & Elaine Alvo
Sally Marshall
Jean Kempfer
The South Carolina Shell Club
Amy Tripp
Dave Terifay
Gene Everson
Dr. Emily Weiss, the Estate of Fredric Weiss
Sonny Ogden
Joseph Regan
David DeLucia