Shell Auction 2018


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Wednesday, March 14, 2018
at the Pompano Beach Emma Lou Olson Civic Center
Auction Preview 6:15 p.m. Bidding Begins Promptly at 6:45 p.m.
NOTE: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are illustrated above
1. Book: 2017 COA Florida Keys ECO tour by Bob Pace
2. 2 Lambis Lambis w/data, a male and a female! Philippines
3. Triplofusus giganteus (Horse Conch) Florida’s State Shell! Nice sized specimen w/ 
data, Goodland, Florida
4. Fossil Collectors! 1 bag of small fossil shells and grunge, and 1 bag of fossil sand
5. Cymatium pyrum w/data Japan
6. 2 Busycon canaliculata w/data, Jekyll Island, Georgia
7. 2 Prunum hartleyanum w/data, Yocius dredge from offshore Florida’s east coast
8. Bursa corrugata w/data, Boca Raton, FL. Nice specimen!
9. Phalium muangmani w/data, Phuket Island
10. Fusinus salisburyi w/data, from the Koyama collection, Japan
11. Large Pearlized Trochus shell! Lovely! Retail price: $16.95, Opening Bid $5.00
12. 2 Pugilina cochlidium w/data, 2 color forms, Australia
13. Underwater Disposable Camera, what fun!
14. Shark tooth pendant from Australia, set in silver
15. 2 Strombus sinuatus, a comparison in size and age, w/data, Philippines and 
16. Camaena cf. poyuensis w/data, large land snail, China
17. 2 Agaronia acuminata w/data, 1 specimen is very large (65mm) West Africa
18. 2 Buccinum undatum w/data, Germany
19. Fusitriton galea w/data, East China Sea
20. Fusitriton magellanicus w/data, Argentina
21. Book: “Mitridae/Costellariidae” by Robin and Martin, new in plastic wrap
22. 3 Similar looking species of Strombus, S. epidromis (1), S. variabilis (2) and 
S. dilatatus (2), all with data
23. Terebra taurina, w/operc, w/data, from old collection, Palm Beach, Florida!
24. Terebra commaculata w/basic date, Thailand
25. 3 species of Peanut Snails, Cerion maynardi, Cerion extensa and Cerion varium, 
all w/Data, all from New Providence Island, Bahamas,15 shells total
26. 2 Gari convexa w/data, New Zealand
27. Conus stearnsi from 6 different locations in the Marco/Goodland area, all w/data,
12 shells total
28. Haliotis assimilis w/data, gorgeous color! Mexico
29. Concholepas concholepas w/basic data, Peru. This is the Muricid that looks like an abalone!
30. Shellcrafters!!!! A bag of checkerboard clams, apple snails and small olives
31. Book: “Marginellas” by Robert Lipe, brand new, along w/ 4 Marginella 
philippinarum (Philippines) & 1 Marginella guttata (Key West) all w/data
32. A collection of 23 Marginellas, at least 18 species in plastic case, from old 
collection, most w/data
33. Stamp Collectors! 3 different First Day of Issue envelopes with 1985 shell stamps
34. Vokesimurex cabritii w/data, Yucatan, Mexico, large size and great color!
35. Ladies Wrap, black with gold shell design, from the “Nancy Galdo Sharp Dresser 
36. Vexillum citrinum w/data, Mozambique
37. “Petit point” needlework piece of beach scene and shells, professionally framed
*38. Cassis madagascariensis w/data and operc, American Shoal, Florida Keys
39. Lambis truncata sebae w/data and operc, collected in the 1960’s, over 12” long!
*40. Pecten felipponei w/data, nice specimen, Argentina, Opening Bid $25.00
41. Micro/Miniature Collectors! Large collection of tiny shells, all w/data from South 
42. Lambis lambis w/data, freak, with extra digit!! Philippines
43. Rapa rapa w/basic data only Philippines
44. Lyria planicostata boholensis w/data Philippines
45. Women’s chambray shirt w/embroidered shell designs, size medium, another item 
from the “Nancy Galdo Sharp Dresser Collection”!
46. 2 Voluta damoni w/data, Western Australia
47. Saotomae pratensis w/data South China Sea
48. Cinctura (Tulipa) branhamae w/data, Campeche, Mexico, Opening bid $10.00
49. Terebra maculata w/data, a BIG boy from the Philippines!
50. Shellcrafters!!! A bag of small Murex cabritii and bright yellow bivalves!
51. Book: “The Shell, Five Hundred Million Years of Inspired Design” by Stix and 
Abbott. The classic coffee table shell book!
*52. Spondylus regius w/data, Japan, Beautiful purple specimen!
53. Tutufa bufo w/data 189mm, Philippines
54. Chicoreus (Siratus) alabaster w/data, Philippines, in a decorative shell design 
magnetic storage box
55. Set of two decorative shell design magnetic storage boxes
56. Vasum muricatum w/data, large fine specimen w/periostracum, Venezuela
57. Lambis chiagra w/basic data only, Philippines, Nice decorator shell!
58. Odontocymbiola magellanica w/full data, Uraguay, Opening bid $10.00
59. Lyria lyraeformis w/data, East Africa, Opening bid $20.00
60. Voluta hilli w/data, Roatan Honduras, Opening bid $10.00
61. Men’s O’Neill 2 piece wetsuit, brand new w/tags, marked XL, but looks like a Medium to me.
62. Cymatium perryi w/data, West Java
63. Phalium mungmani w/data, Phuket, Thailand, Opening bid $10.00
64. Spondylus varius w/basic data only, East Africa
65. Chlamys australis w/data, Western Australia
66. 3 Agaronia griseoalba w/data, Costa Rica
67. Zidona dufresnei w/data Uraguay, Nice Specimen!
68. Fusivoluta barnardi w/data South Africa
69. Neptunea antique w/data, Scotland
70. Neptunea heros w/data Alaska
71. Muricanthus magacerus w/data, West Africa, Opening Bid $5.00
. *72.  Livonia roadnightae w/data, Australia, great specimen w/beautiful protoconch
. *73.  Malea ringens w/data Peru Large Size! Opening bid $10.00
. *74.  Trophon geversianus w/data, lovely shell from South Chile
75. Nucella freycineti elongata w/data, Japan
76 Benimakia nodata great shell from old collection w/neat local data, Hawaii
77. Buccinum zelotes w/data, Northern Japan
78. Cruziturricula arcuata w/data, Panama, large size! 72.6 mm
79. Fusinus perplexus w/data, from old collection. (not sure species name is correct) 
80. Ficus ventricosa w/data, Columbia
81. Collection of shells from Japan…6 species, all collected by our own Minami 
82. 3 Oliva caerulea w/data, Australia
83 Buccinum striatissimum w/data Japan
84. Lischkeia alwinae w/data, Japan
85. Cardita crassicosta w/data, Western Australia, pretty rose colored shell!
86 2 Bolinus brandaris w/data, Portugal
87. 2 Ceratostoma foliatum w/data, Washington state
88. 2 Solenostira pallida w/basic data only, Mexico
89. 2 Buccinanops gradatum w/data, Brazil
90. Shellcrafters!!! Bag of small murex and small lion’s paws
91. 5 different species of Epitoneums, 1 E. commutatum, 3 E. tinctum, 
2 E. georgettina, 3 E. angulatum, 2 E. humphreysi, all with data
92. 2 Trophon geversianus var. lamellose w/data, Argentina
93. 3 Buccinum undatum w/data, Maine
94. 8 Nucella lamellosa w/data, color forms, Washington State
. *95.  Pair of throw pillows. Pretty blue and white shell design.
. *96.  Book: “Photos of Seashells of the northwest Pacific Ocean surrounding the 
Japanese Islands” by Takaharu Kitagawa
97. Strombus campbelli w/data, from old collection, Australia
98. Harpa major w/data, Taiwan, lovely specimen!
99. Bag of pretty & colorful shells, no I.D. or data
100. 3 Chlamys sentis, 1 orange, 1 purple & 1 white, all excellent specimens w/data, 
from offshore Pompano Beach!!
101. Miniature Collectors! bag of magnifying boxes and tiny containers
102. 2 Strombus vittatus vittatus w/data Australia
103. 3 Strombus labiatus w/data, Vanuatu
104. Adelomelon paradoxa w/data, Argentina, Nice Shell! Opening bid $20.00
105. Ladies black silk wrap with hand-painted shell design, another lovely item from 
the “Nancy Galdo Sharp Dresser Collection”!
106. Strombus pipus w/data, Philippines
107. Tonna sulcosa w/data, Viet Nam
108. Strombus peruvianus w/data, nice specimen from old collection! Ecuador 
Opening bid $10.00
109. Harpa amouretta form crassa w/data, East Africa 110. 2 Harpa articularis w/basic data only, Indonesia
*111. Cypraea friendi thersites w/data, beautiful specimen from old collection, Australia Opening bid $20.00
112. 6 species of Landsnails, w/opercs and full data 113. 3 Persicula tessellata w/data, Panama
114. 3 Oliva tessellata w/data, New Hebrides
115. White ceramic shell planter
116. 2 Cypraea errones w/data Philippines
117. 4 Fusinus cinereus w/data, West Mexico
118. Bufo rufonaria crumena w/basic data only, India
119. Notovoluta gardneri w/data, neat shell from old collection, Australia,
Opening bid $5.00
120. $25.00 gift card for Calypso Restaurant
121. Bursina ignobilis w/basic data only, Philippines
122. Cymatium pyrum w/basic data, large fresh specimen w/great color, periostracum
& operculum
123. Conus circumcises w/data Philippines
124. Murex superbus w/data Taiwan, Opening bid $5.00
125. Haustellum haustellum haustellum w/data, Philippines
126. Frank Lyman’s historically important collection of miniature dredge material from
east coast of Florida, all meticulously curated in vintage boxes from 1947!
127. 4 Shell design magnetic storage boxes, assorted sizes
128. Ladies Navy Blue Blazer with white shell pattern. Size Medium. Last chance this 
auction to get an item from the Nancy Galdo Sharp Dresser Collection!
129. Jim Beam Florida Seashell Collectible Bottle
*130. Carry-on Luggage w/shell design. Brand New w/tags! So darn cute! Opening bid $35.00
131. Adelomelon beckii w/data, from old collection, 340 mm! Opening Bid $35.00 132. Large Polished Cone Shell, decorator item
133. Shellcrafters! Box of 7 small colorful sea urchin tests
134. Cypraea umbilicata hesitata, w/data, beautiful specimen from old collection! 
Opening bid $10.00
135. Charonia lampas sauliae w/data, East China Sea, Opening Bid $10.00
136. Naquetia vokesae w/data, Madagascar, Opening Bid $5.00
137. 5 Conus anabathrum w/data, Isle of Capri, Florida
138. Alcithoe fusus w/data, New Zealand, Opening bid $5.00
139. Ericusa sowerbyi w/data, Tasmania, Opening bid $10.00
140. Chicoreus crocatus w/data Opening bid $10.00
141. Conus arenatus w/data, Madagascar
142. 4 species of cone shells: C. ferrigineus, C. gladiator, C. striatellus, & C. asiaticus
143. Conus subfloridus w/data, India, Opening bid $5.00
144. Conus magnificus w/data, from old collection, Solomon Islands 
Opening bid $5.00
145. Conus kinoshitae w/data, Philippines
146. Broward County Shell Species list with specimens of several representative 
species, compiled by our own Bob Pace!
147. 6 Species of Allied Muricids, 10 shells total, all w/data
148. 3 Oliva polpasta w/data, West Mexico
149. Two species of trivia, 2 Trivia radians, and Trivia solandri, w/data, West Mexico
150. 2 Cypraea from the Philippines, Cypraea lynx & Cypraea vitellus w/data
151. Strombus luhuanus w/data Philippines & Strombus vomer, w/data Japan
152. 2 Conus radiatus w/data Philippines
153. 3 Oliva incrassata w/data, West Mexico
154. Natica tigrina w/data, India
155. 2 Turbo perspeciosus from 2 different locales, w/data Australia & Philippines
156. Architectonica perspectiva, Philippines & Architectonica gualtierii, Viet Nam 
both w/data
157. Shellcrafters!!! Big bag of Strawberry Top shells and small pink Murex oxytatus!
158 Lilly Pulitzer shell design cosmetic bag. Brand New!
159. 2 potholders with shell designs, handmade in the “Mola” method by the Kuna 
people of the San Blas Islands, Panama
160. Handmade Fabric Glasses Case w/cone shell design embroidery on top.
161. Conus samiae w/data Philippines
162. Chicoreus aculeatus w/data, Philippines
163. Big Bag of Beautiful Bivalves!
164. 3 species of Chlamys from Florida, Chlamys multisquamata (yellow!), Chlamys 
sentis (purple) and Chlamys mildredae (orange!), all w/data, all excellent 
specimens, Opening bid $30.00
165. Cypraea mappa w/data, Philippines Nice fresh color!
166. Voluta verconis w/data Australia, Opening bid $10.00
167. Provocator palliata w/data Patagonia Rare Shell! Unfortunately broken lip. 
Opening Bid $35.00
168. Shell painting by well- known shell artist, Mathilde Duffy, Opening bid $10.00
169. Xenophora pallidula w/glass sponge w/data, Philippines, Opening bid $5.00
170. Kessel Shells Wooden jigsaw puzzle, new, value $24.00, Opening Bid $5.00
171. Set of four Ceramic Coasters with Pecten design, New!
172. Vintage handmade grass & cowrie shell basket from Ponape. Lovely! $75.00 Value. Opening bid $20.00
*173. Specimen Quality Sponge…shaped like a sombrero!
174. Angel Shellcraft soap or trinket dish made by Marci Chamberlain 175. 2 teak shell stands
176. Xenophora granulosa w/basic data, Philippines
Many Thanks to our Generous Donors to this Auction:
Nancy Galdo
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