Shell Auction 2017

Wednesday March 8, 2017
at the Pompano Beach Emma Lou Olson Civic Center
Auction Preview 6:15 p.m.
Bidding Begins Promptly at 6:45 p.m.
NOTE: Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be viewed on the club’s website
Download / View 2017 Auction List by clicking here

Incrusted Mappa Cowrie donated by Wayne Harland.
Species of shells attached to cowrie:
1. Three specimens of one chama species
2. One specimen of one chama species
3. One specimen of one spondylus species
With barnacles on a mappa cowrie

1. Busycon contrarium w/data, Our club shell! A BIG beauty! 265 mm, Goodland, FL. Opening bid $20.00
2. Busycon canaliculata 2 specimens, w/data, Jekyll Island, Georgia
3. Conus amadis w/data, great data slip from Paine collection! India
4. Conus distans w/data, corded! Philippines
5. Hippopus porcellanus w/basic data, Philippines
6. Hippopus hippopus w/data, Philippines
7. Large Piece of Blue Coral
8. Veneridae Clams! 23 species, 53 shells, all w/full data, Opening bid $10.00
9. Dosinia ponderosa w/basic data, Mexico
10. Pitar lupanaria(1 specimen) and Pitar multispinosus (2 specimens), all w/full data, Mexico
11. Pitar (Hystericoncha) multispinosa 2 specimens w/basic data, Mexico
12. Pitar dione 2 specimens w/data, Margarita Island
13. Quilted Shell Fabric Tote Bag
14. Quilted Fish Fabric Purse
15. Bolma tayloriana w/data & operculum, South Africa, Opening bid $15.00
16. Angaria delphinus w/data, original data slip, w/operculum, W. Australia, a whopper at 86.9 mm!!
17. Angaria delphinus delphinus 3 specimens w/data, 1 slightly uncoiled, Philippines
18. Angaria neglecta w/data Philippines
19. Angaria delphinus atrata w data, Japan
20. Book: The Molluscan Shells volume I, by the Science & Photography Club of Tokyo, Japan
21. Book: Seashells of South-East Australia by Patty Jansen
22. Book: Common Seashells of Coastal Northern Queensland by Patty Jansen
23. Book: Seashells of Central New South Wales by Patty Jansen
24. Book: Rare and Unusual Shells of Southern Florida by Edward Petuch & Dennis Sargent NEW!
25. Puzzle “Polymitas”!!! New, never opened
26. Ceramic Chip and Dip Dish in shell motif
27. Set of 10 ceramic shell napkin rings. New! Nice!
28. 4 different species of Spiny Oysters, no I.D. and no data
29. Worm Shells, 2 species w/data, Thylacodes medusa Japan and Thylacodes adamsii, Viet Nam
30. Onustus longleyi w/data, Key West, FL
31. Murex tribulus ternispina w/data, Philippines
32. 3 Species of World Wide Phalium, all w/data. Casmaria erinaceus, Philippines, Phalium glauca, Philippines & Semicassis granulatum centiquadratum, W. Mex.
33. Bag of polished shells
34. Set of Black Glass Shell Dishes, New! In original box!
35. Set of White Glass Shell Dishes, New! In original box!
36. Book: Within a Rainbowed Sea by Christopher Newbert
37. Strombus lentiginosus 2 specimens, 1 light and 1 dark, w/data, Australia
38. Strombus tricornis w/data, NE Africa
39. Strombus gallus 2 specimens, 1 pink and 1 gold, w/data, Puerto Rico
40. Lambis lambis 2 sub-adult study specimens, w/data, Philippines
41. Strombus latus w/data, Senegal,West Africa
42. Trochus niloticus 2 specimens w/data, w/opercs, Corinne Edwards collection, Aust.
43. Astraea undosa 2 specimens w/data, San Diego California
44. Turbo cornutus 2 specimens w/data, Beauties! Japan
45. Ladies Quilted & Appliqued Shell Vest decorated with shell club pins and other shell do-dads! Made by the very talented Jean Kempfer! Adorable! Ladies size M
46. Ladies black sleeveless knit top, with mother of pearl ornamentation. Classy! Ladies size medium
47. Spondylus americanus orange & white, w/data, Pompano Beach, FL!!
48. Pecten maximus w/data, large shell from old collection, North Sea
49. Mimachlamys crassicostata 4 specimens, 4 different brilliant colors! w/data, Japan
50. Nautilus pompilius nice specimen, no data
51. Cyrtopleura costata “Angel Wings” large specimen w/data & hinge, Marco Island
52. Voluta hirasei w/data, Japan
53. Argonauta hians w/data, Philippines
*54. Chicoreus (Siratus) alabaster w/data, beautiful large specimen, Philippines
*55. Eudolium crosseanum w/data, neat shell! Off Key West, FL Opening Bid: $50.00
56. Priene scabrum w/data and perc, Chile
57. Conus clerii w/data Brazil
58. Hexaplex stainforthi w/data and perc, 66.5 mm Western Australia
59. Neptunea heros w/data and operc, Alaska
60. Cypraea turdus winckworthi w/data, Oman
61. Cypraea annulus very large! w/data, Kenya
62. Cypraea nivosa w/basic data, 50.3 mm., Andaman Sea
63. Harpa conoidalis w/data Hawaii
64. $25.00 gift card for Calypso Restaurant
65. Psammobiidae clams, 4 different species, all w/data, multiple specimens
66. Harpa kajiyamai 2 specimens, w/data, Philippines
67. Melo melo polished specimen, w/juvenile
68. Cypraea cervinetta w/data West Mexico
69. Stained Glass Winged Murex…very nicely done!
70. Stained Glass Green Tree Snail
71. Conus pennaceus Golden color form! w/data, Philippines
72. Conus magus w/data, Philippines
73. Conus gubernator w/data, East Africa
74. Conus spectrum form conspersus w/data, Indonesia
75. Conus nocturnus w/basic data only, Philippines
76. Xenophora palidula w/perc, w/data, Lovely! Philippines
77. Cymatium pyrum w/perc, w/data, Japan
78. Stamps! 10 worldwide stamps w/shells and sealife
79. Stamps! 13 worldwide stamps w/shells and sealife
80. Blue & white quilted shell fabric bag and matching cosmetic bag
81. Original painting of Calocochlia festiva, a pink land snail, by Joseph Regan, Beautiful! Opening bid $50.00
82. Beach Bag, new with tags! with shell design
83. Lambis truncate sebae w/data Large! French Polynesia
84. 6 ounces of freshwater Black Pebble Beach Grunge from Rock River, Illinois
85. Small glass dome display case
86. Spondylus americanus light orange, w/data, Pompano Beach, FL
87. Ranella olearium w/data, w/operc, Italy
88. 50 color slides of live cowry animals in situ!
89. Beach Glass! 10 different colors…some rare! Fun!
90. Oliva sayana w/data, 2 locales, 2 color forms, 4 shells total
91. 3 species/6 specimens of worldwide Nutmegs
92. Lambis lambis 3 specimens, 3 locales, all w/data
93. Set of 5 Thesaurus Conchyliorum books by G.B. Sowerby, including Columbella, Fissurella, Cancellaria, Marginella, & Spondylus.
94. Cypraea eglantina w/data, Philippines
95. Cypraea hungerfordi w/data, Taiwan
96. Cypraea lamarckii “redimita” w/data, Mozambique, opening bid $10.00
97. 4 Species of small Western Pacific Olives, 4 shells total, all with data
98. Cypraea hirundo hirundo w/data India
99. Shell Crafters!!! 1 quart of small matched size olives!
100. Odontocymbiola magellanica w/data, Uruguay
101. Fusivoluta barnardi w/data, w/operc, South Africa
102. Voluta maculata w/data, Australia
103. Notovoluta gardneri w/data, Australia
104. Ternivoluta studeri w/data, Australia
105. Zidona dufresnei affinis w/data, Argentina
106. Voluta damoni damoni w/data Western Australia
107. Zidona dufresnei w/data, Uruguay
108. Oliva tessellata 4 specimens from 2 locales, all with data
109. Latirus recurvirostrum w/data South Africa
110. Fusinus strigatus w/data, w/operc, Brazil
111. Harpa conoidalis w/data, Hawaii
112. Christmas ornaments: 1 silver shell and 2 gold fish
113. Ladies belt with great brass and copper fish buckle
114. Ladies quilted blue shell fabric tote
*115. Bursa corrugata w/data, w/operc, Big, Beautiful Specimen! Pompano Beach, FL
116. Cymatium pyrum w/data, w/operc Japan
117. Cymatium tripus w/data, w/operc India
118. Shellcrafters!!! Bag of assorted shells for shell arts & crafts
119. 5 shell themed fabric batiks, originals from Mozambique!
120. Stuffed Toy, “Grub” the snail from Epic! Couldn’t be cuter! New in package!
121. Shell design storage box filled with shell soap/music boxes
122. 5 shell jigsaw puzzles, all new & unused, all different!
123. Bronze color metal shell, decorator piece
124. Set of 4 porcelain “shell baby” Christmas ornaments. Adorable!
125. Purple Shell Flower Arrangement by Patti Jenkins, opening bid $50.00
126. Framed Shadowbox of Cone Shell
127. Ceramic Shell Dish
*128. Bronze, Lapis Lazuli & Pearl “Neptune Shell” necklace & earrings made by Marta Cruz! Just lovely! Retail Price $140.00, Opening bid $70.00 Focal New England Neptune shell designed, hand drawn and hand etched in bronze, then painted with Metal Patina by Artist. This focal is one-of-a-kind. It is not created with a preset mold. Each line in the shell drawing must be individually hand etched onto the bronze. The focal is then set with ondulated and oval Lapis Lazuli beads and freshwater pearls, ending with bronze S-clasp also hand made by Artist. Current length is 21 inches.
129. Small shell decorated basket by Marci Chamberlain
130. Conus comatosa w/data, Philippines
131. Conus lorenzianus w/data w/operc, East Honduras
*132. Conus spurius spurius w/data, beautiful color form, large shell, Bahamas, Opening Bid: $50.00
133. Conus neptunis w/data, Philippines
134. Lyria lyraeformis w/data, East Africa, Opening bid $50.00
135. Strombus alatus, w/data, w/operc, unusual light color, very pretty! Boca Raton
136. Chama macerophylla w/data, large pretty white shell!
137. Chama macerophylla, 2 specimens w/data, 1 yellow and 1 pink
138. Five species of Cowries from Japan! All w/data, Includes: artuffeli, erosa, gracilis, helvola and caputserpentis.
139. 6 Different data locations for Strombus canarium, all w/data
140. Strombus aratrum w/data Australia
141. Strombus granulatus w/data West Mexico
142. Muricopsis honkeri 2 specimens w/data, Abaco Cays, Bahamas
143. Pteropurpura capensis w/data, South Cape,Africa
144. Ceratostoma foliatum 2 specimens w/data, w/opercs, Washington
145. Phyllonotus regius w/data, Panama
146. Bisque Angel Wing Vase, white, new in box! Lovely! Opening bid, $20.00
147. Collection of 6 nice quality fossil shell specimens from LaBelle, Florida
148. Hexaplex hertweckorum Fossil specimen from Sarasota fossil pits
149. Fusitriton magellanicus w/data, w/operc, w/periostracum, Argentina
150. Cymbiola aulica w/data, Beautiful shell! Retail Price $90.00, Opening bid $35.00
151. Polished pearl oyster necklace by Karen Seme
152. Haliotis discus w/data Japan
153. Haliotis fulgens w/data, Mexico
154. Haliotis laevigata w/data, South Australia
155. Strombus goliath w/data, w/operc, Nice Shell! Opening bid: $35.00
156. 8 shell/starfish notecards/thank you cards
157. Shellcrafters!!! Bag of assortered shells for arts and crafts
158. Pair of French “Point a la Ligne” Candles, white coral branch tapers, high end decorator item! Opening bid: $10.00
159. Large Ceramic Platter decorated with shell design, new in box
160. Large shell jigsaw puzzle
161. Decorative gift box filled with coordinating shell design weekly organizer, notebook, napkins, cards, notepad and pen. Opening bid: $10.00
162. Miniature Collectors!!! A box of collecting jars, magnifying boxes, glass slides, and nine species of tiny seashells, all w/data!
163. Book: Seashells of Viet Nam by N. N. Thach, New! Retails for $80.00, Opening bid: $30.00
164. Ceramic shell design Casserole Dish
165. Large Pearlized Trochus shell! Lovely! Retail price: $24.95, Opening Bid $5.00
166. Ceramic Starfish serving dish
167. Handmade shell tile by Mary Lou Pugh
168. Book: Marginellas by Robert Lipe
169. Ceramic fish appetizer plate…made it Italy.
170. Genuine baleen from Bowhead Whale, brought from Barrow, Alaska!
*171. 9 species of Florida/Caribbean Scallops, all w/ data, all VERY nice quality specimens, including Euvola marensis Argopecten gibbus, Chlamys multisquamata, Caribachlamys pellucens, Chlamys mildredae, Caribachlamys sentis, Caribachlamys ornata, Argopecten irradians taylorae, & Nodipecten fragosus Opening Bid: $50.00
172. Cryptochiton stelleri w/basic data only, Washington State
173. Pseudocardium pseudolima large, pure white specimen, no data, 140 mm!
174. Callista aurantiaca, large specimen, w/basic data only, ties w/world size record, 129.7 mm!
175. Lyria planicostata boholensis
176. 3 species, 7 specimens of worldwide fig shells, all w/data, inc: F. ventricosa, F. Papyratia papyratia, & Ficus ficus
177. Bursa bardeyi w/data, Somalia
178. Strombus costatus w/data, w/operc, Jamaica
179. Turbinella angulate w/data, w/operc, Bahamas
180. Phasianella australis 4 specimens, with data, Western Australia

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