Shell Auction 2012

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Preview at 6:30 pm-Auction to follow.

Auction items will include shells (common to rare). Shell and nautical related gifts, books, jewelry and many other items….The public is warmly invited. Proceeds from the auction support educational scholarships.

ROBERT PACE 305-386-3442
RICHARD SEDLAK 954-296-5633


1.)   “Collectors Whiskey Bottle Lamp” “Beam Bourbon Whiskey Bottle Lamp” 1968

2.)   A pair of Spondylus barbatus w/data Philippines  “Philippine Spiny Oyster”

3.)   Fusinus undatus w/data No operc about 208 mm Philippines “Way-Edge Spindle Shell”

4.)   Black-Edged Pearl Oyster ½” (Pinctada margaritifera) with cultured blister pearls polished

5.)   Pinkish-Red-Shell Motif Salt & Pepper Dispensers from Fay Mucha estate

6.)   A pair of Busycon perversum sinistrum w/data Florida “Lightining Whelks”

7.)   Neverita albumen w/data No operc Thailand “Egg-White Moon Shell”

8.)   Cymatium vestitum w/data w/operc West Panama “Panamic Hairy Triton”

9.)   Argobuccinum pustylosum variation ranelli forme w/data Chile “Ranella form of the Argus Triton”

10.) Northia northia w/data No operc Peru “North’s Shell”

11.) Ennis macha w/data Argentina “Macha Jackknife Clam”

12.) Volachlamys tranquebarica w/data India “Tranquebar Scallop”

13.) Oliva sayana forma citrine w/data Florida “Golden Olive”

14.) 3 Patella longicosta w/data South Africa “Long-Ribbed Limpet”

15.) A pair of Perscula cingulate w/data West Africa “Girdled Marginella”

16.) Phalium glaucum w/data No operc Large Vietnam “Gray Bonnet Shell”

17.) Phalium bandatum w/data No operc Philippines Large “Banded Bonnet Shell”

18.) Ranella gemmifera w/data w/operc South Africa  “Beaded Triton”

19.) Cypraea (Macrocypraea) cervus w/data 106.4mm Florida “Deer Cowrie”

20.) Strombus costatus “Dwarf” w/data w/operc Puerto Rico “Milk Conch”

21.) Land snail Pleurdonte lucerna w/data Jamaica “Jamaican Caracolus Snail”

22.) Odontocymbiola cleryana w/data Brazil “Clery’s Volute”

23.) A pair of Cancellaria reticulate w/data one typical color  form one albinistic Florida “Common Nutmeg Shell”

24.)  Murexiella hilli w/data w/operc Aruba “Len Hill’s Murex”

25.) 3 Favartia pacei w/data 2 w/opercs 1 wo/operc Florida “Bob Pace’s Murex”

26.) Trivia pacei “Topotype” w/data South Bimini “Bob Pace’s Trivia”

27.) A pair of Engina corinnae w/data No opercs Florida “Corinne’s (Edwards) Engina”

28.) 3 Conus sahlbergi 2nds w/data No opercs Bahamas “Sahlberg’s Cone”

29.) A pair of Morum strombiformis w/data No Operc  Roatan, Honduras “Strombus-like Morum”

30.) Cymatium muricinum apair w/data w/opercs Florida “Knobbed Triton”

31.) A pair of Conus glans w/data No opercs Australia “Acorn Cone”

32.) Antephalium semigranosum w/data No operc  Australia  “Half-Grained Bonnet Shell”

33.) Marginella strigata forms unicolor w/data Burma “One-Color Striped Marginella”

34.) Marginella elegans w/data Burma “Elegant Marginella”

35.) A pair of Calpurmus verrusosus w/data Australia “Umbilical Ovula”

36.) Oliva mantichora 2 specimens w/data Philippines “Squat Form of Amethyst Olive”

37.) Lyria boholensis w/data No operc Philippines “Bohol Volute”

38.) Vexillum regina w/data Burma “Queen Miter”

39.) Cypraea Teuleri w/data Oman “Teuler’s Cowrie”

40.) A pair of Cypraea cribraria w/data Philippines “Sieve Cowrie”

41.) Tellina prora w/data West Panama “Panamic Tellina”

42.) A pair of Olivancillaria auricularis w/data Brazil “Brazilian Olive”

43.) A pair of Bullata analyciae w/data Brazil “Analyci’s Marginella”

44.) Land Snail Calocochlia chrysochila w/data Philippines

45.) Land Snail Calocochlia festiva w/data Philippines “Philippine Land Sanil or Philippine Festive Land Snail”

46.) 3 Specimens of Melongena melongena nana w/data Bonaire “Nana”s Melongena or Bonaire’s Melongena”

47.) Chlamys senatorius w/data 62.1mm Philippines “Senatorial Scallop”

48.) Land Snail Tropidophora deburohiae w/data Madagascar “DeBurohi’s Land Snail”

49.) Land Snail Asperitas everetti w/data Indonesia “Everett’s Indonesian Land Snail”

50.) Conus aureus w/data No operc Guam  “Aureus Cone”

51.) A pair of “Corded” Oliva saynana w/data Florida “Corded Lettered Olive”

52.) A pair of Turbo saxosus w/data w/operc’s West Panama “Stony Turban Shell”

53.) Haliotis ovina w/data Australia “Oval Abalone”

54.) A pair of Trophon geversianus (one  typical one variation=variane) w/data w/operc’s Argentina “Gevers’s Trophon”

55.) Cypraea (zoila) friendii Large about 80mm w/data Australia “Friendis’s Cowrie”

56.) Cypraea mauritiana w/data Mauritius “Humpback Cowrie”

57. ) Conus capitaneus w/data No operc Madagascar “Captain’s Cone”

58.) 2 Forms and one subspecies of Cancellaria reticulate all w/data Florida   1.) Typical Form 2.) Albino 3.) C. R. subspecies Adelae    “Nutmegs”

59.)  A pair of Turbo argyrostomus w/basic data Mauritius No operc’s “Silver-Mouth Turban”

60.) Cymbiola (auliciana) innexa w/data Indonesia “Indonesian Innexa Volute”

61.)  A pair of Oliva pacifica w/data Thailand “Pacific Olive”

62.) A pair of Conus cedonulli dominicanus w/data No operc’s Union island, Grenadines “Dominican Matchless Cone”

63.) A pair of Cypraea edentula w/data South Africa “Toothless Cape Cowrie”

64.) Men’s shell print dress shirt   X Large

65.) Men’s “Hawaiian” dress shirt Large

66.) Men’s bathing suit set shirt and pants X Large

67.) 4 Shells Growth Series of Terebra dimidiate w/data  No operc’s Philippines  “Dimidiate Auger”

68.) A pair of Terebra areolata w/data No operc’s Philippines “Fly-Spotted Auger”

69.) Gold  Plate “Sand Dollar” Necklace

70.) Land Snails: 3 specimens of Orthalicus undatus w/data Union Island,  Grenadines “Caribbean Tree Snail”

71.) Land Snails: 3 specimens of Polydontes perplexa w/data Union island , Grenadines “Caribbean Land Snail”

72.) A pair of Amalda rubiginosa w/data China “Chinese Ancilla”

73.) 4 Shells Growth Series of Conus circumcises w/data No operc’s Philippines “Circumcised cone”

74.) Conus circumcises “Light Color Form” w/data No operc 66.2mm Philippines “Circumcised Cone”

75.) Conus circumcises “Dark Color Form” w/data No operc 70.6mm Philippines “Circumcised Cone”

76.) Cypraea cervus w/data 85mm Florida “Deer Cowrie”

77.) Conus cedonulli dominicannus w/data w/operc 39.8mm Union Island, Grenadines “Dominican Matchless Cone”

78.) A pair of Cardita incrassate w/data Australia “Angled Cardita Clam”

79.) A 4 Shell Color Set of Volachlamys tranquebaria w/data India “Tranquebar Scallop”

80.) Haliotis ovina w/data 68.8mm Australia “Oval Abalone”

81.) Fusinus timessus w/data w/operc Florida “Turnip Spindle”

82.) Chiton tonicella lineata w/data Washington State “Lined Red Chiton”

83.) Land Snail: Calocochila cryptica w/data Philippines “Philippine Land Snail”

84.) Cypraea cribraria w/data about 31mm Philippines “Sieve Cowrie”

85.) Cypraea coloba greegori w/data 19.8mm Burma “Greegor’s Cowrie”

86.) Cypraea coloba greegori w/data 20.5mm Thailand “Greegor’s Cowrie”

87.) A pair of Cypraea ocellata w/data India “ocellate Cowrie”

88.) Cypraea stercoraria “Dwarf” w/data 39mm West Africa “Rat Cowrie”

89.) A pair of Cypraea pyrum w/data Sicily “Purum Cowrie”

90.) Cypraea teuleri ww/data Oman “Teuler’s Cowrie”

91.) A pair of Cypraea talpa w/data Philippines “Mole Cowrie”

92.) A pair of Cypraea pulchella w/data China “Beautiful Cowrie”

93.) Cypraea camelopardalis w/data Egypt “Camelo Cowrie” or “giraffe Cowrie”

94.) 3 specimens of Chicoreus dunni w/data No operc’s Bahamas “Dunn’s Murex”

95.)  “A 4 Shells Growth Series” of Cancellaria reticulata subspecies adelae w/data Florida “Adel’s Nutmeg”

96.) Lima lima w/data Large 98mm Philippines “Spiny Lima or “File Shell”

97.) Land Snail: Megalobulimus sanctipauli w/data Argentina “Sanctipaul Large Land Snail”

98.) Pterynotus acanthopterus w/data w/operc Australia “thorny-Winged Murex”

99.) Pteropurpura trialata w/data No operc California “Three-Winged Murex”

100.)  Pleurotomaria hirasei w/data w/operc Taiwan “Hirase’s Slit Shell”

101.) Conus delessertii w/data w/operc 69.8mm Florida “Delessert’s Cone”

102.) Land Snail: Asperitas trochus bombangensis w/data 3 speciemens Indonesia “Indonesian Land Snail”

103.) Bursa (bufonaria) thersites w/data w/operc Philippines “Thersite Frog Shell”

104.) Strombus listeria w/data No operc about 120mm Burma “Lister’s Strombus/Conch”

105.) Cypraea mappa w/data Philippines “Map Cowrie”

106.)  Cypraea argus w/data 91.8mm Philippines “Eyed Cowrie”

107.)  Vokesimurex cabritti w/data No operc   Florida  “Cabritt’s Murex”

108.)               Vokesimures lindajoyceae w/data No operc  Florida “Linda Joyce (Petuch’s) Murex”

109.)  A pair of Cypraea maculifera w/data Hawaii “Reticulated Cowrie”

110.) Cypraea schilderiam w/data 117mm Hawaii “Large Hawaiian Tiger Cowrie”

111.) A pair (color set) of Cymbiola vespertilio w/data Philippines “Bat Volute”

112.) World Wide Calliostoma collection all w/data 26 species, 27 specimens 17 w/operc’s

113.) A pair of Amiantis purpurata w/data Argentina “Purple Amiantis Clam”

114.)  A pair of “Dwarf” Cypraea annulus w/data Philippines “Money Cowrie”

115.) 5 Shell Pins: 1.) COA Grand Trophy Winners Pin 2.) DuPont Trophy Winners Pin 3.) 2003  Jamboree Pin 4.) 2001 COA convention Pin 5.) Sarasota Shell Club Pin

116.) Painting: Voluta (amoria) grayi Framed “Gram’s Volute”

117.) Broward Shell Club News Letters” from June 1970 to November 1987

118.)  Antique Oil Lamp w/Shell Motif

119.) “Ballast Stone” from the wreck of “Urca de Lima”

120.)  “A Blue (Shell “Cockle” Motif) Flower Vase

121.)  Hand Fused “Vinci” Glass “Horn of Plenty” Shap

122.)  Fissurella latimarginata w/data Chile (also known as Fassurella nigra Lesson, 1830 “Black Keyhole Limpet”

123.) Argopecten purpuratus w/data Chile “Purplish Scallop”

124.) Land Snail: A pair of Liguus fasciatus forma walker w/data P.C. Ham. #4 Florida

125.) Land Snail: Liguus fasciatus forma lossmanicus w/data P.C. Ham. #11 Florida

126.) Land Snail: Liguus fasciatus forma vonpaulseni “Topotype” w/data Middle Torch Key, FL

127.) Land Snail: Liguus fasciatus forma pictus “Topotype w/data Big Pine Key, Florida

128.) Land Snail: Liguus fasciatus forma dohertyi “Topotype” W/data Lower Matecumbe, FL

129.) Land Snail: Liguus fasciatus forma graphicus w/data Little Pine Key, Florida

130.) Land Snail: Liguus fasciatus forma lignumvitae “Topotype” w/data Lignumvitae Key, FL

131.) A pair of Voluta musica forma guinaica w/data No operc’s Margarita island, Venezuela “Smooth Guinaica” form of” Music Volute”

132.) Harpa articularis w/data Philippines “Articulate Harp Shell”

133.)  Chicoreaus florifer florifer w/data w/operc Bahamas “Caribbean Lace Murex”

134.)  Spondylus linguaefelis w/data (Orange Color) Hawaii “Cat’s Tongue Spiny Oyster”

135.)  Shell and Drift Wood Mobile

136.)  Chicoreus (siratus) alabaster with basic data No Operc Taiwan “Large White Murex” or “Alabaster Murex”

137.)  Chicoreus (siratus) alabaster with basic data w/operc Taiwan “Large White Murex” or “Alabaster Murex”

138.)  Wooden Sea Gull Carving

139.)  Large Pottery Chard   Indian w/data Florida

140.)  3 Pieces of Indian Pottery Chards w/data Florida

141.) 4 Pieces of Indian Pottery Chards w/data Florida

142.)  Broward Shell Club News Letters Jan. 1980 to Dec. 1988

143.) Book: A Manual of the Common Invertebrate by henry Sherring Pratt, Ph.D. 1935  This book was a “survivor” form the old “Burry Museum” fire

144.)  Signed & Numbered Shell Print by Rudy Magnotte  Art

145.)  Signed & Numbered Shell Print by Rudy Magnotte  Art

146.)  4 Specimens of Oliva carneola w/data Philippines “Carnelian Olive”

147.)  A pair Chicoreus (siratus) articulates w/data w/oper’s Dominican Republic “Antillean Murex”

148.) Voluta (harpulina) loroisi w/data    India  “Lorois”s Volute”

149.) Voluta (amoria) undulate w/data   Australia  “Wavy Volute”

150.)  Cypraea (palmadusta) humphreysi  w/data  Tonga  “Humphrey’s Cowrie”

151.)  Cypraea (mauritia) mauritiana  w/basic data  Indo-Pacific  “Hump-Back Cowrie”

152.) Voluta (amoria) elliotti  w/data   Australia  “Elliott’s Volute”

153.)  Voluta (amoria) zebra  Dark Color Form  w/data Australia  “Zebra Volute”

154.) Voluta (lyria) mitrae formis  basic data w/operc Australia “Miter-Shaped Lyria Volute”

155.) Voluta (lyria) delessertiana  w/data Madagascar “Delesert’s Lyria Volute”

156.) Murex (chicoreus) ramosus   basic data   Philippines “Ram’s Murex”

157.)  Charonia variegate   basic data  No operc   Chipped Lip Caribbean  “Triton’s Trumpet”

158.) “Sea Shell & Sea Horse Motif”   Tea/Coffee Pitcher  Blue, Pink & Yellow Color

159.)  Cassis madagascariensis  w/basic data  No operc Florida/Caribbean  “Queen Helmet”

160.) Charonia variegate w/basic data  w/operc  Florida/Caribbean  “Triton Trumpet”

161.) Book/Magazine: “the National Geographic Magazine” July, 1949  Article: “Shell Take You over World Horizons” 1949, by Rutherford Platt with 16 Illustrations; 41 Nautural Color Photos

162.)  Book: “Illustrated Catalogue of Latiaxis and Its Related Groups “Family Coralliophilidae” by Sadao Kosuqe and Masaji Suzuki, 1985

163.)  Book: (Soft Bound) “The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Shells” by (text by) Len Hill (photos by) Pete Carmichael, 1995

164.)  Painting “Tibia” Print Copy No. #236 of 250 by Lee Cattaguoni

165.)  Painting “Trumpet Triton”   Print Copy No. #247 of 250 by Lee Cattaguoni

166.) White Ceramic Shell Motif Napkin Rings  Set of 4

167.) “Gold Scallop Shell Motif” Pierced Earrings or Stick Pins

168.)  Sterling Silver “Scallop Shell Motif” Hanging Pierced Earrings

169.)  Book:  “conchs, Tibias and Harps” by Jerry G. Walls, 1980

170.) Painting:  “Tern Flying over Water”  By Ted Kalafut

171.) A complete set of “Conchological Iconography Pectinidae #1 & #2 Raines & Poppe 2006

172.) Book: “Australian Shells” by Joyce Allan, 1950 Reprinted 1962

173.) Book: “Shells of the Western Pacific in Color”  Vol. #1 by Tetsuaki Kira 7965

174.) Book: “Shells of the Western Pacific in  Color” Vol. #2 by Dr. Tadashige Habe 1968

175.)  Book: “Shells of New Guinea and the Central Indo-Pacific by Alan Hinton 1972

176.)  Book: “….. Spondylus” by Kevin Lamprell 1987

177.) Book: “Olive Shells of the World” by Rowland F. Zeigler & Humbert C. Porreca 1969

178.) Book: “Compendium of Seashells” by Tucker Abbott & S. Peter Dance 1982 Second Printing 1983

179.) Book: “Rare Shells of Taiwan in Color” by T. C. Lan 1979

180.)  Book: “The Living Volutes” by Clifton S. Weaver & John E. DuPont 1970

181.)  Book: “The Collection Encyclopedia of Shells” by S. Peter Dance 1974

182.) Book: “Shells of the Philippines” by F. J. Springsteen & F.M. Leobrera 1986

183.) Book: “Sea Shells of Tropical West America” 2nd Edition by A. Myra Keen 1958 2nd Edition 1971

184.) Book: “Murex Shells of the World” by George e. Radwin & Anthony D’Attilio 1976

185.) Two Thro-Pillows for Couch….Shell Pattern

186.) Book/Magazines: “Of Sea and Shore 6 issues 1973 to 1975

187.) Book/Magazines: “Of Sea and Shore 8 issues 1975 to 1977

188.) Book/Magazines: “Of Sea and Shore 6 issues 1977 to 1979

189.)  Book/Magazines: “Of Sea and shore 7 issues 1979 to 1983

190.) A miniature Fossil Shell Collection from Florida 37 species w/some data

191.) Book: “Cone Shells” by Jerry G. Walls 1970

192.) Fairly Large Piece of “Blue Coral”

193.) “Fossils in Matrix” from France = One Carrier Shell Species; one Natica species & two Turritella terebraus

194.) “Fossils in Matrix” from France = three Turritella terebraus and a pectin half (top valve)

195.) 8 Shell and Sea Star Motif Glass Coasters

196.) Book: “Cowries” Second Edition Revised by Jerry G. Walls 1979

197.) Book: “Cone Shells of the Word” by Marsh & Rippingale 3rd Edition 1974

198.) Book: “Burgess’ Cowries of the World” By C.M. Burgess, M.D. 1985

199.) Book: “The Living Cowries” by C.M. Burgess, M.D. 1970

200.)         9 Species of World Wide Miters No data Worldwide

201.)  Astrea tuber w/data w/operc   Florida  “Green Star-Shell”

202.)  2 Liguus fasciatus forma castaneozonatus w/data  Florida

203.)  Sterling Silver “Scallop Shell” Motif Hanging Pierced Earrings

204.) Sterling Silver “Dolphin Jumping” Motif hanging Pierced Earrings

205.) Conus textile   w/basic data   No operc Philippines  “Textile Cone”

206.)  Cypraea zebra  w/basic data  Florida  “Zebra Cone”

207.)  Extra digit   “Sugar Sea Star”

208.) 6 “Sugar Sea Stars” with extra digits and one with one less digit

209.) “Wall Hanging Metal Basket Holding Day Planner, Address Book, Note Paper, Envelopes, Pen & etc.”  Shell Motif

210.) Large Black Wooden Stand for Large Shell

211.) Large Black Wooden Stand for Large Shell

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